Mitron is an engaging joy ride and a surprising entertainer of the year.

Nitin Kakkar's directorial 'Mitron' turns out to be a fun film as the entire narrative did not bore us at all and thats what it stands for. From the wedding scene, an established businessman man played by Mohan Kapur asks Raunak aka Pratik Gandhi the most asked question by an elder, 'Tum karte kya ho?' With a hilarious reply he introduces himself as a writer who is currently writing a book named 'Mind your own business'! There are a lot of funny moments to look forward and Pratik Gandhi's dialogue uttering has been a true treat. The plot of the film is quite light-hearted and absolutely engaging as it keeps you going.

The story is embeded around Ahmedabad, Gujarat revolving around two individuals having their own aspirations and disagreements in their respective families. It is Jai played by Jackky Bhagnani a jobless youth in Ahmedabad. His father played by Neeraj Sood is a typical guardian who keeps yelling at him for doing nothing career wise even when he holds a degree in automobile engineering. Jai is passionate about cooking and even he starts a YouTube channel for his dream. This idea doesn't yield him with money. Soon the Mitron gang comes up with another idea of making prank videos as it is quite trendy. Even this idea fails in a quirky manner as his father catches him red handed. Jai then decides to get married, as per the recommendations of an astrologer and also with the hope that it'll make him responsible.

On the other hand, Avni played by Kritika Kamra is a smart, responsible girl. She too doesn't get respect from her father played by Sunieel Sinha since he always wanted a son. Hence he can't wait to get her married. Avni is in love with Vikram played by Prateik Babbar as the duo decides to start a food truck business and also eventually settle down. However, Vikram falls apart suddenly and gets married with a rich girl in Delhi. Avni then accepts her father's suggestion for arranged marriage. Whereas Jai and Avni meet accidentally and explore this idea together.

Mitron's start is quite slow as only a few one-liners work but its get really interesting when Jai and Avni interact with each other this is the point when the film steers. The flashback is unfolded in an intruiging funny way. The way Jai catches his girlfriend Shruti cheating on him also Jai's attempt at pranking people by pretending to immolate himself is hilarious. The track of Avni and Vikram begins unexpectedly but it has its moments. The twist during the intermission point works. Post interval, the fun continues. The humiliation faced by Avni at the engagement brunch is a crucial sequence handled well (although the scenes that lead to it are difficult to digest) and also the following sequence involving Jai and Avni's father. The pace does drop here but it gets back on track in the climax.

Taking a tour at the performances this is a comeback film for Jackky Bhagnani who was last seen in 2015 film 'Welcome to Karachi' as he shuts the critics with an unexpected bright performance. He fits right there with his Gujarati accent and keeps the narrative compelling. While debutant Kritika Kamra slays with her natural act. The actress is all over like a boss in the second half. Raunak aka Pratik Gandhi is the one to look out for as some hilarious dialogues are uttered by him. Deepu played by Shivam Parekh is merely a companian in the Mitron gang. Neeraj Sood plays an engrossing father with exact mannerism of a middle class man. Prateik Babbar is catchy in his little cameo that he played.

Songs are quite peppy and reflect the mood of the film. 'Kamariya', played in the introduction scene and during the end credits, is the best song of the lot and is bound to linger in one's mind for a long time. 'Sawarne Lage' comes next and its theme music is a bit loud but again, very catchy. 'Ghar Ke Hai Na Ghat Ke' has a nice 80s vibe and is also sung by Bappi Lahiri. 'Chalte Chalte' is sweet. 'Door Na Ja' doesn't make much of an impact although it's sung beautifully by Sonu Nigam. Sameer Uddin's background score is endearing.

Nitin Kakkar's fresh direction makes it a deliberate watch. Nitin also manages to bring the Gujarati flavour which is the essence of the movie. Sharib Hashmi's story is adapted from a 2016 Telugu film 'Pelli Chooopulu' which is written and directed by Tharun Bhaskar Dhaassyam. The food truck concept is already explored and reminds us of Saif Ali Khan starrer 'Chef'Sharib Hashmi’s dialogues is what the film stands for and the actors executed it. Manoj Kumar Khatoi’s fascinating cinematography takes us to Gujarat and the street of Ahmedabad, especially the continous montage shots are well execyted. Urvi Ashar Kakkar and Shipra Rawal’s production design is authentic and the background as well as food truck standing is well designed. Mandira Shukla's costumes are close to these characters as well. Sachindra Vats' editing is smooth and flawless.

On the whole, Mitron is a feel-good film and can surely appeal to the family audiences. Unfortunately, the festive season and the stiff competition might cost this worthy family film.

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