My Friend in Red Boots will teach you Value education...

"Meri mamma ne kaha tha Ki Jhooth nahi bolte...", "Meri mamma ne kaha tha ki hamesha Dil ki sunni chahiye...", "Meri mamma..." and it goes on & on. It is almost like watching a movie of kids where there are lessons in value education. My Friend Pinto by director Raghav Dar is one such goody-goody movie with lessons in value education.


Michel Pinto (Prateik Babbar) is on his way of becoming a priest but before that, he decides to take a vacation for a week outside his hometown. Young Pinto, who has never seen the outside world, comes to Mumbai to stay with his childhood Best friend Sameer (Arjun Mathur) and his wife (Shruti Seth). But Michel and his help is equal to doomsday. The entire movie takes place in just one night where Michel meets several people including a don, his drunk wife, a gambler, a kidnapper, etc... and Michel ends up accidentally helping all of them. The story is about how he does whatever he does.


 Prateik Babbar plays the typical catholic, oh-I-am-so-innocent (read: dumb) character, which has become his signature style. He is still better than his role in Aarakshan. Kalki Koechlin has barely any role but how much ever time she appears on screen, it is lovely to watch her (Prateik gives Kalki a tough competition with his Red Boots which he keeps flashing throughout the movie). She has done a good job. Divya Dutta is excellent as always. Makarand Deshpande tries to bring an element of humor.


My Friend Pinto teaches you to always keep smiling and making others smile. So if you are really interested in seeing the Tom & Jerry type running around and a grown-up acting dumb and teaching lessons in life, then you can probably go for it. 

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