A truly magical experience... Indian Godfather!  

Mani Ratnam and Kamal Haasan teamed up with a long list of superb actors, if happen to come together, no points to guess that the movie is bound to be a super hit. Nayagan is one such movie Directed by Mani Ratnam which created waves in the film industry.   


The film is about a Tamil youngster who grows up amidst the slums of Dharavi in Bombay to become a gang leader of sorts. It fetched Kamal Haasan the 2nd of his National Best Actor Awards as well as a Filmfare award.


The movie is loosely based on Coppola's "The Godfather" and the life of Varadaraja Mudaliar, a don of the Bombay underworld. The film starts off with Kamal's father (a union leader, played by Kittu) shot dead by the police in Tuticorin. Kamal (then a lad of around 10 or so) kills the inspector at his father's funeral and escapes to Bombay on a train. Here he meets Janakaraj, whose father smuggles goods for a local don (Vijayan). After the titles the movie starts off when Inspector Kelkar launches a cleanup of the slum area pavements. Kamal stands amidst the ruins and swears at Kelkar. Naturally Kamal is beaten up in jail and thrown back into the slum. It is here that the famous "Naa Adicchaa Nee Sethuduve" dialogue is spoken by Kamal. Kamal and Janakaraj soon settle into Vaapa’s business. Kamal goes about and commits the first of the deeds which would culminate in him becoming "Velu Nayakar". But the slum dwellers stand up for Kamal and refuse to divulge any details about the murder. From here starts the rise and the subsequent fall of the Don that was.  When he slowly losses his dear ones and it all finally ends with his death at an old age, with a moral message that one who lives by the sword(gun), dies by it.


The story is that of a Mafia don, who is a kind of Robin hood for his own people, takes justice into his hands and kills the baddies has been tried, and re-tried later so many times but this is the best movie and the most successful one.


Inspired by the true life story of Mumbai's Tamil don, Varadaraja Mudaliar, the movie 'Nayakan' portrays it so vividly and realistically of how the real-time character known popularly as 'Varadha Bhai' fled Tuticorin(Tamil Nadu) to seek his future in Mumbai. He came to be known as one of the godfathers of modern gangsterdom. Some other prominent names during his period were Karim Lala, etc. The days he spent fighting Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray who tried to run the Tamils out of Mumbai are golden days in history. Probably, the respect and influence Varadaraj Mudaliar had among the public inspired people like Dawood Ibrahim and others to take to such businesses.


The highlights of the movie are a superb performance by Kamal and good support from the others like Saranya (debut), Delhi Ganesh, Janakaraj, Nasser etc., superb sets by Thota Tharani, camerawork by P.C.Sriram, and excellent score by Ilayaraja.


The entire movie together is just magical.  No one can explain the effect it has on people, you have to watch it to know it! 

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