Endearing tale that touches hearts. 

Very rarely do we get to see an outing by a debutante director that not only brings a smile on our faces but manages to keep it throughout the course of the film. Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari brings us an endearing tale that touches hearts with 'Nil Battey Sannata' showcasing dreams of a maid Chanda (Swara Bhaskar) who wants her daughter to study and get out of the clutches of poverty. Her daughter Apeksha aka Appu (Ria Shukla) believes that like doctor's son will become a doctor, a maid's daughter will definitely become a maid. Chanda's employer played by the earnest Ratna Pathak Shah comes to her rescue. How? Well, we will let you figure that out by yourself after you watch the film that is nothing short of an epic. It has a beautiful message that every parent and every child will take back home with a happy smile.

Nil Battey Sannata's strength lies in its simplicity, the relationships its showcases and the conversations between them. The trailer gives you a clear idea on why you should not miss this movie.   

An enlightening conversation between Shah and Bhaskar that says, 'Insaan do cheezo se banta hai, ya Kismat ya to mehnat. Aur Gareeb ke paas kismet hoti toh weh gareeb thodi hota, To bachi Mehnat'  is our absolute favourite.  

The three leading ladies make a powerful impact, each one proficient in their work. While Shah does not need to prove her mettle, Bhaskar nails her versatility playing a character that we haven't seen her play earlier. Shukla is an absolute stunner with her spontaneous dialogue delivery. Pankaj Tripathi is brilliant as the principal of the school that Appu studies in.

Made in a low budget, the film does not compromise on the production quality. From background score to editing to cinematography, it aces in all the departments. The music and songs too are as endearing as the film.

If honest films and earnest performances interest you, this one is definitely worth a watch this weekend.  What '3 Idiots' shows in a grand manner, 'Nil Battey Sannata' brings it as much closer to reality with a message that stays with you.

'Gareeb wo hote hain jinke paas sapne nahi hote' says the protagonist. So watch the film, it might give you a reason to pursue your long lost dream yet again.

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