No One Killed Jessica has been inspired by a Real Life Incident. The movie is based on the Controversial Murder Case of Model Jessica Lall (1999). This movie is supposedly a complete re-enactment of the actual Jessica Lall murder case. The film features the loopholes in the policing system of India, mockery of legal procedures, corrupt politicians in power and lots more!!


The two principal Actresses of the Movie Rani and Vidya, without any doubt grab the attention of the moviegoer with their power-packed portrayals. Newcomer Myra's (Jessica) act is truly endearing, full of life and praise worthy. But it is Vidya Balan's (Sabrina) who steals the show with her wonderful performance with her quiet and humble determination and her silent body language. Rajesh Sharma as the corrupt yet determined cop has really done justice to his role. He's the cop who unabashedly takes a bribe for not beating up the politician's son in custody and yet does everything in his limited power to fight for justice. Rani Mukherji's rendition of the `bitch', Meera Gaity, a fearless, bitchy, foul-mouthed newshound is a bit over the top but is sure get your attention.


Rani's character being fictional and glamorized seems superficial to an extent as she single-handedly prods the law & order establishment of the entire Country into reviewing the case and to pack-in some extra punch smokes, swears at the drop of a hat and has unabashed sex. Her character is written superficially and Rani's portrayal of her is equally cliched. She argues a lot and proudly labels herself as a rough-around-the-edges bitch yet every strand of her hair, always stays perfectly in place. However, its Vidya Balan who completely steals the show, especially during her TV Interview, with her quiet courage, determination and her complete disbelief at how someone with a pistol in his hand and power in his head could shoot down somebody for a mere drink. Her body language and her aimless travels in Delhi's public transport gives you an insight into how the common man survives in India, against all odds with courage and dignity. Vidya Balan is simply brilliant in the role of Sabrina, splendidly symbolizing a common citizen's fight for justice. She is truly the heart and soul of the film. To reconstruct onscreen, a true incident, especially one that is so fresh in people's minds is not an easy task, yet Rajkumar Gupta takes up this colossal challenge of placing together the controversial story of Jessica Lall's murder case.


However, having sensitive and explosive material in hand is just not enough to undertake a challenge of such enormous proportions. The execution of the subject is of prime importance. Fortunately, the director interprets the events of the murder case in remarkable style and form and gives the moviegoer a cinematic experience that haunts you long after the film has ended. In short, Rajkumar Gupta does complete justice to the spirit of the story, which had created headlines in the entire Country, not so long back and still remains well etched in our memory to this day. No One Killed Jessica is a must-watch film.

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