Could have been better. Pulled down by its screenplay!

'Bodyguard' was Atul Agnhitori's big film in Bollywood and now he has decided to produce a simple story with actors and not stars with the title O TERI. 

Pulkit Samrat has had a smooth transition from TV to the big screen. His two movies, 'Bitoo Boss' and 'Fukrey' have fared well at the box office and now everyone is excited to see if he proves third time lucky. 

Bilal Amrohi who plays the second lead is the grandson of legendary filmmaker Kamal Amrohi and he is set to make his big debut in Bollywood with this film.

PP- Prantabh Pratab (Pulkit Samrat) and AIDS- Anand Ishwaram Devdutt Subramanium (Bilal Amrohi) are two journalists based in Delhi working hard to get a big story. 

Olympics are scheduled to be hosted in the capital and Bilal Khwaja (Anupam Kher) is the minister in-charge of making arrangements. 

Opposition leader Bhanwar Singh (Vijay Raaz) is doing his best to replace Khwaja and is ready to do whatever he can to lay his hands on the big money involved in Olympics. 

News bureau chief Monsoon (Sarah Jane Dias) gives a warning to PP and AIDS to cover a big scam else she would fire them. 

While PP and AIDS try to investigate scams, they realize that there is a dark side to politics and media, and the two are on a mission to expose them all.

Pulkit Samrat looks good and acts well; in fact he manages to keep the show going as he is the only person with star value in the film. 

Bilal Amrohi makes his debut and he is confident, but the actor really needs to work on his looks and dialogue delivery. 

While Pulkit is a strong actor, he gets pulled back by Bilal at times as the chemistry between the two really doesn't work. 

Anupam Kher plays the corrupt politician really well. Vijay Raaz is funny, especially with his dialogues. Mandira Bedi is impressive as the shrewd Media manager. Sarah Jane Dias plays her role brilliantly and looks gorgeous. 

Salman Khan gets a smile on your face when he dances on the O TERI title track.

Director Umesh Bisht makes a decent directorial debut. He manages to keep the momentum going from the first scene. However, post interval the movie keeps going in circles and situations like the 'dead body' and 'Ma Polly' fail to generate laughter. In fact, a few 'dead body' sequences remind you of 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro'. 

Umesh has co-written the story with Neeti Patla and the duo has managed to write a unique one. 

Music by GJ Singh is good. Three tracks - Ummakbum, Butt Patlo and O Teri are getting very popular. 

Cinematography by Ganesh Rajavelu is decent. Editor Devendra Murdeshwar has done a good job as he keeps the length of the movie short, however, there are a few flaws. 

O TERI could have been a great movie if the screenplay was a little more interesting. 

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