Experience love, belongingness and stinging heartbreak in this soulful journey beyond words

Shoojit Sircar's 'October' is an agonizing love story that makes us completely involved in this soulful journey of affection. Revolving around two lead characters Dan [Varun Dhawan] and Shiuli [Banita Sandhu] colleagues from a seven-star hotel thriving to complete their Hotel management Diploma in the final year of their internship. They are casual friends who barely even talk and unexpectedly graceful Banita turns out to be truly expressive with her charming stare towards Varun that speaks louder than words. Sircar has magnificently covered the exact routine, methodology of work, and the hard work that lauds the hospitality industry. The film's narrative is riveting and pleasant and we cannot blink an eye, to be honest.

''Where is Dan?'' A question bothering Danish's mind full of regret and despair. ''Usne mere baarein pucha aur tumne yeh baat batayi nahi'' Dan speaks to his room-mates. An unpleasant tragedy happening on new year's eve when Shiuli (Who don't even drinks) falls off with a height of 30ft from the terrace in the swimming pool lawn accidentally while sitting on the edge of the floor slipping because of mist. ''Hey Dan Kaha hai yaar'' she utters with a glass of juice in her hand and falls off. She is brutally wounded, half dead, with a trajectory injury on her head. She is disseminated to the ventilator and her wounds just bring discomfort and irritation in our mind. Shiuli is in coma, completely paralyzed with a hope to survive she gains the support of the most strong mother in the world. Gitanjali Rao as Shiuli's Mother adds a lot of spark to this film with her priceless motherly love and care who stands like a wall all the time.

Surprisingly, Varun Dhawan's pulls a power-packed performance of his life without speaking much but responding to all his critic with his compelling act that can be hailed for a long long time. The director-writer duo of Shoojit Sircar and Juhi Chaturvedi has crafted yet another masterpiece and this one is a heartwarming film that surely requires 2 hours of our life to admire these surreal feeling which we go through while watching it. Gitanjali's acting prowess steals all our attention, what a brave mother Sircar has lovingly portrayed out of it. 

With films like 'Vicky Donor' and 'Piku', Shoojit and Juhi's duo crafted agony with love in October. The end is what we will complaint about. Why Shoojit daa Why? Keeping us entangled with hope all the time, suddenly vanishing it with intense pain to take away has got tears in our eyes. A happy end was all we ever wanted. However, this feeling full affair has been a joy to watch and how thoughtful has been the title of the film is beautifully explained at the end. Most of the film has been shot in Delhi and in the seven-star luxury hotel, but what caught our eye is the picturesque location of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. The elegant visuals of the place embedded by the soul-soothing background score titled as 'October Theme' song. 

The background score is stuck in our heart, it makes us feel the film, in fact, those violin symphonies are like feelings hitting our ears entering our mind and hearts. Shantanu Moitra deserves an ovation for laying such a soul enduring music. Cinematography by Avik Mukhopadhyay is out of the world, capturing every scene so eloquently. Film editing by Chandrashekhar Prajapati is so smooth we cannot find a single jump and the credit even goes to Shoojit Sircar for making it absolutely engaging.

October doesn't seem like a commercial film but rather a heartfelt journey with a lot of emotions. We finally sense what heartbreak feels like, how unconditional care is everything, and how such films need to be watched with all our heart. Do invest your time in this priceless affair of love titled 'October'.


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