You can watch this one on TV.

Mani Ratnam's 'Ok Kanmani', Tamil film that garnered enough love from the south Indian audience. Now is this reason enough to make a Hindi remake? Well as per Bollywood history, yes it is. The reason why the Tamil film worked is because of the chemistry between its lead stars, so can Aditya and Shraddha repeat that or even repeat their sizzle that was seen in 'Aashiqui 2'? Read on to find out.

Ok Jaanu is the story of a young couple Adi and Tara who hit it off instantly and decide to live in together rather than tying the marital knot and carry on to pursue their dreams. A parallel track shows the relationship between their land lord and his wife who has Alzheimer's and the older couple makes Adi and Tara realize that they ought to do the right thing.

Ok Jaanu is directed by Shaad Ali (Saathiya, Bunty Aur Babli, Kill Dill) who blindly follows Ratnam's screenplay and portrays it on screen. We don't say that there is something wrong with it, but the screen shows that the film is lacking soul. It feels too mechanical and predictable. The climax too isn’t convincing enough. Kapur's performance is pretty average and Kapoor does get a point extra for adding an edge to the film, it’s clear that her character wasn’t etched that well.

Naseeruddin Shah does a wonderful job and keeps us wanting for more. He needs to be seen more on the silver screen. Leela Samson, who also played the same role in the Tamil version does a stellar job as well.  Rest of the supporting cast is okay.

The film reprises the super chartbuster Humma and the picturization as well as the number is already a hit, one reason people will go to watch the film. The other songs too are hummable and nice.

Technically speaking there are not many faults in the film. But it's nothing that we haven't seen before. It's the same old wine served the same old way in the same old bottle. It's predictable and once again the climax doesn't make much sense. It looks more of a made up drama that a real sweet coming of age romance story of a young couple.

You can watch this one on TV.

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