An impressive intuitive cinema leaving us with the serene sentiment of patriotism.    

'Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran' is all about India's first confidential nuclear test conducted at Pokhran, Rajasthan lead under the vision of Rajagopala Chidambaram and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at the time of PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee's tenure in 1998. Abhishek Sharma and the team of writers, in fact, found a lot of authentic evidence from the past presenting it in a super intriguing thriller film, that catches all our heart and soul in the 2 hours long feature film.

Although the makers didn't go on to imitating the real heroes from mission Shakti rather they decided to choose fictional characters not interpreting the greatest personalities of the Nation. The first mission Pokhran1 went out to be a facade failing feckless caught under the eye of the American satellite lacrosse in 1995.

This brings IAS qualified Ashwat Rana played by John Abraham on-board recruited by the Personal secretary of the Prime Minister played by Boman Irani. They cater to build a reliable team of professional civil servants from the highest authoritative organizations like the Indian armed force, Defence Research and Development Organisation [DRDO],  Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory [TBRL] and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre [BARC] teaming up as five Pandavas from the Mahabharata. The assigned individuals carry a useful designation that helps them conduct the operation with credibility, however, Diana Penty looked like an unwanted addition in the squad. The Incendiary brittle world politics is displayed by presenting original footage of those time. This brings a lot of belief in the film as the audiences witness some real-life scenario from those time. 

The best part of the film is its level of engagement and thrill that the audiences are left with by showing how arresting and zealous this thrilling mission turned out to be. Conducting India's greatest mission hiding from the American Satellites and working under Blind spot which means the time the satellite's focus is shifted to another geographic location. Barely 3-4 hours and accomplishing the mission in nine days with sandstorm mounting in day-time. A fruitful cinematic experience and in the end after watching the real evident images from the credit scene you wonder how the hell did they replicate it? Yeah, the production design team is surely laudable.

Performance wise John kept his acting natural and simple. His ending emotional act surprised us. John can act soo freakin good? voahhhh!!! that's how I walked out of the theatre. Boman Irani's cameo is pivotal and with relatively less screen space, the 58-year-old leaves an engrossing impact to the audience.

Talking about the songs of the film. Begining with the Arijit Singh's number 'Sapna' that showcase the narration of John's character expelled out of the government job, thinking about his father who has served for the Indian Army. The song is emotionally enduring and we get tuned to the true feeling of the situation. The next one is a patriotic number 'Thare Vaaste' and this number is a true tribute to all the unsung heroes behind this operation. The narrative begins with John giving a presentation to his officer Boman Irani relating this operation with Mahabharata and Krishna as John himself leading them all.

Once upon a time, the greatest Dilip Kumar said ''Nothing can rise above the script'' Well it is the case with this John Abraham and Diana Penty starrer that makes this one a masterpiece. It's script!!! Lending the precious time of their life with great research work, Sanyukta Shaikh Chawla, Saiwyn Quadras and Abhishek Sharma who co-wrote this film deserve most of the appreciation thoroughly.

Abhishek's compelling screenplay is another reason for its victory. Let's take a moment to hail the production design team headed by Sandeep Sharad Ravade and Abid T.P. who went on to create a late 90's background with defence army camp setup lined up with the administration of the nuclear test in the desert. The sets look surreal and the realism is realised in the end. Cinematography by Zubin Mistry is colossal and captivating. We loved the cinematic visuals from the desert, The Pokhran fort and every single place from the film which pleased our eye.

This is India's underrated success story that needs to be watched on Silver screen. Give it a definite watch!

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