A quintessential rom-com.

Anushka Sharma is spreading her masses in almost every horizon. After carving a niche for herself in acting, she tried her luck into production. Anushka and her brother Karnesh Sharma came with a production house Clean Slate Films, her banner produced the film 'NH10' proved a hit among the classes. Now her second production venture 'Phillauri' has hit the theatres and is receiving massive response at the box-office.

We have seen many love stories earlier, but definitely not like this. This one stands out to be much different from the others. Already tagged as a typical Punjabi movie, the story sets in the backdrop of Punjab where Kanan (Suraj Sharma) is born under an unfortunate star and has to marry a tree before his marriage to his lady love Anu (Mehreen Pirazda). But his life takes a new turn when he is haunted by a friendly ghost Shashi who claims herself as his wife and who resides on the same tree to which Kanan has married. The film is a transition between the old school era and the recent modern era. Shashi as the friendly ghost lives each and every moment while seeing herself in Anu and her love Phillauri (Diljit Dosanjh) in Kanan. While she herself doesn't know why her love story with Phillauri did not work out, Kanan on the other hand is confused and has a second opinion in marrying Anu.

Anushka Sharma as Shashi and the ghost have portrayed the character very well and we are just in awe with the actress. Suraj Sharma has been successful in playing the confused yet helpful groom. Mehreen Pirazda who is marking her big Bollywood debut with this film needs special mention as she has delivered the emotions of a perfect bride in every frame. But amidst all of these, Diljit Dosanjh wins our heart with his acting and singing as well. Diljit does full justice to the character of Phillauri right from his dressing to his apt acting and a true lover. Suraj's crazy family looks like a typical mad Punjabi family and is entertaining.

The songs 'Sahiba' and 'Dum Dum' have already spread their charm before the film's release and it is a soothing treat to the ears to listen them play in the background. The team which handles the special effects and the VFX effects has done a great job by creating Shashi, the friendly ghost and kids would just love this ghost. Kudos to the director Anshai Lal for his perfect execution of the story and the screenplay gets more and more interesting with each passing frame.

A never-seen-before love story, 'Phillauri' offers the viewers a quintessential rom-com. So this weekend, grab your popcorns and re-live your love story with Shashi!

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