Definitely deserves a one time watch.

In this world of modernisation, 'change' is seen in every other aspect. Be it in the style of clothing, the food we eat, the surroundings we live in and many such things. Rural areas are now getting a modern touch and are developing rapidly. While everything is changing so fast in rural areas, one thing which has not changed so far is the concept of menstruation. It is considered as bad omen still in many rural areas where education about hygiene is not yet rooted. And taking this subject into consideration, there is this film 'Phullu' which releases in cinemas on June 16, 2017.

The film is a story of a common man Phullu who lives happily in his village. He is the one who is the only helping man of the ladies of the village. He visits the city everyday to get things for the ladies without claiming a single penny. Due to his this behaviour his mother gets him married, thinking that he will become more responsible after marriage and will do something to earn his living. After marriage, he gets to know about the concept of menstruation and how women in villages persist on using a cloth which is infectious rather than a sanitary pad. Village women consider sanitary napkin as a luxury which only rich people can afford. Understanding their pains and sufferings, Phullu takes a job in a sanitary napkin making factory with an aim to make his own cheaper sanitary pad one day. His wife supports him till the end, but will Phullu succeed in fulfilling his dream? For this you have to watch the film.

Sharib Hashmi's portrayal of Phullu is authentic. His concern for the village women along with his wife to use sanitary pads is just amazing and every woman will feel proud if her husband shows such support and concern. Jyoti Sethi as his wife is a strong woman who stands by her husband till her last breath. The talented actor Inaamulhaq enjoys a cameo appearance but creates a strong screen presence for whatever little time he is on screen. While unfolding some of the life lessons to Phullu, he unfolds the dark reality of this today's modern generation. Other supporting actors have paid their part very well.

Director Abhishek Saxena delivers a masterpiece which is one of its kinds successfully. He has very well showcased the reactions of people regarding menstruation right from the beginning till the end. There is only one song in the film which plays throughout in the background taking forward Phullu's journey. The dialogues are very well written especially for Inaamulhaq and he delivers them in the right way too.

Menstruation is still considered gross in some remote areas of India, people somewhere fail to understand that it is a women's power to reproduce a living being and considering it gross is a bad omen itself. 'Phullu' is a film which strongly states that 'Periods' are not gross. So if you want to watch some meaningful stuff with good content, give this film a thumps up and hit the theatres right away. 

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