PINK, the name is quite soft but the film is far from that. The only thing common with the title and the film is its association with girls. PINK is what girls are associated with and even the state of affair that the leading ladies of this film are have been a case with most girls living on this planet, either exactly the same, or they just somehow managed to save themselves from being there.


PINK is about three girls who are out at a rock concert when things get awry between them and three young men. And then unfolds the whole barrage of calling these girls with names that every girl has heard at least once in her lifetime.

The trailer gives it all, but this is the only Hindi mainstream film that spells out the state of girls not just in our country but in the world, so clearly. That she is denied freedom to her sexuality, she is come to get laid if she is wearing a short skirt, or is being too friendly with a guy or is out late at night.

Kudos to Chowdhary and his team for bringing this out, choosing a topic that is still a taboo, bringing out the thinking that men are bred with in or society.  Even if this film could make just a bit of a difference, we urge everyone to please please go watch this, with your family, girlfriends, father, brother, neighbor everyone.

Tapsee who is a big name down south and has stunned us in a small yet powerful role in ‘Baby’ manages to carry the entire film on her shoulder. She is natural and brings out just the right emotions. Andrea keeps it real and vulnerable. Kriti is another stamp to the fact that the film takes a leap because of its performers.

The male stars too are just perfect for their characters, be it Bedi or Verma. Mr. Bachchan we thought was a necessity for pulling some crowds to the theatre. Let’s not talk about the legends performance, but his star power that will make this film have a better reach.

Here’s hoping the society takes some cues from here, and something changes, or even starts to change. Hats off for a beautiful attempt.  

kingfisher backstage