Return home with a new perspective towards life. 

The year 2016 was considered to be the year of biopics as many biopics on legendary personalities who inspired the society. So what does a good film consists of? Fine actors, few masala songs, quirky dialogues. Well these are those of the very few things which make a movie blockbuster forever. But Rahul Bose's film 'Poorna' which is a biopic of the youngest girl who climbed Mount Everest Poorna Malavath consists no such elements, but yet stands tall as a blockbuster.

The film shows the life of a thirteen year old young girl Poorna Malavath (Aditi Inamdar) residing in the remote areas of Telangana fighting against the odds of the society mainly poverty, less educated parents and the broken education system. Poorna shares a special bond with her sister Priya (S. Mariya) who gives her the idea of getting an admission in the government school which provides free food and education. Though she admits herself in the school, she tries to run away. She is got back to school by Praveen Kumar (Rahul Bose) who is an IPS officer who then wishes to work in the Government schools and change the whole education system. Praveen Kumar somehow succeeds to fulfil his mission and turns out to be the mentor of Poorna in her journey to climb the Everest.

About 105 girls were shortlisted for the role of Poorna and Aditi Inamdar was finalised. This young girl has portrayed her character very well and deserves full marks. Rahul Bose is at his best. The supporting cast of Dhritiman Chatterjee, Heeba Shah and Gyanendra Tripathi  too enjoy ample screen presence and are at their best.

Rahul Bose is making his comeback in direction almost after 15 years and we can definitely say, his efforts are not wasted. His right choice of the genre biopic and that too a sports biopic deserves a salute. His direction stands out more effective than his acting in the film. The cinematography is absolutely impressive as the beautiful locations of Bhongir rock and other places are captured very well. The screenplay walks on the right track which makes the story-line more and more intriguing. The songs 'Kuch Parbat Hilayein' and 'Poori Qaaynaat' by Salim-Sulaiman play in the background while unfolding Poorna's journey. The lyrics of the song are as much inspirational as the story. The only thing the film lacks is the subtitles when the characters communicate in Telugu language. But considering rest of the things we can surely ignore that.

As they say 'Beauty lies in simplicity,' Rahul Bose's 'Poorna' is as simple as its characters and much more beautiful. With no big actors(except Rahul), quintessential acting and loads of motivational and inspirational stuff, the film is a must watch. You will surely not be disappointed with this one and will return home with a new perspective towards life. 

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