A forgetful life saga

Prem Mayee is a story about a woman, who takes way too long to realize who she really is and what is it that she wants from love, life and marriage. Payal is an ambitious, intelligent, courageous girl, who assumes she knows what she wants in life. Payal adores Arun (Chandrachur Singh). She also manages to achieve success in her career.


The two get married but love takes a backseat post marriage and so does her hard earned career! Jealousy, insecurity, incompatibility and petty banter leave the two wondering if they'd made the right decision. Marriage makes Payal lonely and self-critical. She blames herself, considers herself inadequate and incapable of making her husband happy. Co-worker Nirvaan (Sanjau Suri) enters Payal's life and she regains her confidence.


Prem Mayee has a song where Payal calls herself a Paheli. The entire film is a Paheli of sorts. The director is as confused about what exactly he wanted to show. You keep wondering if both Payal and Arun need to visit the psychologist as they both display weird behaviour. You fear they both suffer from bipolar disorder!


The story had potential but the filmmaker fails to add meaning to it. The film drags and scenes are super repetitive. Chubby Chandrachur acts well while Sanjay Suri is a savior. He is the reason you can sit through this otherwise boring film. Too bad, he only enters in the second half.


Lead actress Shreya Narayan acts well. Wish she had a better character to play.  The Songs are random and barely add anything to the movie while the Dialogues are decent. Prem Mayee is about a girl who feels lost and depressed, unfortunately, that is exactly what you feel after watching this potentially meaningful but meaningless film!

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