Project Marathwada is a drama film starring Om Puri produced and directed by the duo of Prakash Patel and Bhavin Wadia.

The film highlights the social problem of farmer's suicide in India. In the movie, Om Puri's son commits suicide and the film features his journey when he comes to Mumbai to seek help from the Government. During this journey, he comes across four college students making a documentary on the same issue, and the story of the film diverges.

The director and the actors have done a brilliant job of popularizing this important issue in our country. It was about time the government took the farmers seriously. The movie is well portrayed and is definitely a must watch. Om Puri, is undoubtedly a phenomenal actor and he mesmerizes us again, with his performance in 'Project Marathwada.' It's sad that this movie will not receive as much acclaim as its contemporary movies, despite the important message it puts forward.

Farmer's Suicide is an austere dilemma which requires immediate action even if it is due to selfish needs. After all, we are dependent on them for our survival. And this is what the movie preaches.

Apart from Om Puri, the film also stars proficient actors like Govind Namdeo, Dilip Tahil and Seema Biswas who bring in a lot of value to the film. The screenplay could have done with a few tweaks and the background score is okay. On the technical front, the film is average but tells an important true story that needs to be heard not get lost amongst many others in the country.

 We suggest watching it to know the poor state of the farmers in our nation and not just as a film.

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