A face with two sides

A fictional movie is always interesting as we know it's not a usual story that is predictable. An imaginary world of their own, the movie-makers put in all his ideas and thoughts into this one.


While director Rajasekhar has worked well on the movie, it still fails to give us the 'awe' touch. The story entices you in the beginning, but later on, it takes on a boring, old-fashioned story that begins to drop it's interest.


So here's how it goes, Naagulu (Chiranjeevi) is a common man who lives in a village with his father. He works at the fields and is loved by all. As a child, his father keeps feeding him poison, so if he's bitten by a snake, he does not die as the venom present in him will protect him.


As friends, Naagulu falls in love with Menaka, a childhood friend. While Menaka's step-brother is in love with Naagulu's cousin Laxmi (Rati Agnihotri), Naagulu is not very happy about it and they usually have quarrels.


As Naagulu begins to grow older, he starts behaving like a cobra and everytime he feels the needs to take any women out, the next day she dies.


One day, while Menaka's step brother is wandering around the forest he comes across Menaka's dead body and starts doubting Naagulu.


Running behind the truth and finding the reason behind all the deaths is what forms the crux of the story.


Chiranjeevi as usual gives his best preformance, but it dies off when he starts behaving like a snake. He is a star with human acting and not mammal instincts.


The rest of the cast try and give importance to the story, but they fail to do so as well. The music is also not that interesting, but it still goes with the movie.


So well, if it's pouring outside and you really don't have much to do, then you can grab this suspense story and a cup of coffee and enjoy the movie.

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