Get rid of this 'Puraani Jeans'!

'Purani Jeans' denotes nostalgia and debutante director Tanushri Chattrji Bassu tries to generate that exact feeling through her film that is a story of five childhood buddies who call themselves 'Kasauli Cowboys'. 

The film starts with Sid (Tanuj Virwani) who is settled in New York. Circumstances get him back to his home town Kasauli when he realizes that his best friend Sam's philosophy on friendship being like a pair of old jeans as it gets better and comfortable with time is totally true.

Bollywood has churned a number of films on male bonding and friendship, and there is something about each one of them that will make you feel connected. This one though tries hard, misses to hit the chord. The cliched love vs friendship track makes the film way too predictable. 

Apart from that, the film claims that boys will always be boys but that doesn't mean that any mistake is forgivable.A boy running away after getting someone pregnant is not to be pardoned and gives a wrong example. The movie comes out as being sexiest and that sure makes it lose out on the female audience. 

Super talented Rati Agnihotri's one film old son Tanuj Virwani gives a dud yet again and seriously should drop the idea of being an actor. 

Newbie Izabelle Leite too is sailing in the same boat and shows zero potential. 'A plastic glam doll' is all we have to say to describe her. 

Aditya Seal who was last seen as a child artist in Manisha Koirala's 'Ek Chhoti Si Love Story' fares a tad better than others or maybe we feel this because there was actually no 'Act' in the actors of this film. Others in the film are forgettable too. Rati Agnihotri and Sarika's cameo aren't great either. 

Ram Sampath's music is okay and the only saving grace of the film is the song 'Kyaa Tum Ho' in Sona Mohapatra's soulful voice.

Editing, Background Score and Cinematography, all are below average and direction is extremely poor.

Bassu has created hundreds of ad films, but she could have surely waited a little more for her big screen debut.

The film tries to cash on teenagers' relationship with their parents, a few rather lame than funny dialogues, but nothing works in its favour.

Lastly, we love our 'Purani Jeans' but would definitely get rid of this one ASAP!

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