Will definitely strike a chord with the Gen-Y...

'Golmaal' (1, 2, 3), 'Munnabhai' series, 'Hera Pheri', 'Style' etc... Bollywood has seen many funny and not-so-funny movies till now. It has been a long time since any movie, without all the biggies in it, without resorting to crass, slapstick comedy and at the same time striking a chord of familiarity, has sent you rolling on the floor with laughter! Director Luv Ranjan's 'Pyaar Ka Punchanama' is all set to get into the golden pages of history for one of the best comedies.

The movie is about three roomies cum best friends- Rajat (Kartikeya Tiwari), Chaudhary (Rayo Bhakhirta) and Liquid (Divyendu Sharma), who are sucked into the vicious world of nagging, clinging, demanding, irritating, continuously shopping and chattering, yet attractive creatures, called Women. All three of them suddenly (and according to them finally,) find their so-called "perfect" girls- whose one hug will make all the wrongs of the day, right! But they soon realize- Boss, this is not some simple problem, it is in fact a joke by fate on them! Three different categories of women are shown in this movie- the one who is over possessive, obsessive, dependant and yet very loving (Neha aka Nushrat Bharucha), another one who is super-independent and super bold (Ria aka Sonalli Sehgal) and the third who is just leaning on her "just friend's" shoulder, till her boyfriend is away (Charu aka Ishita Sharma).

Rajat and Neha (lovingly, Babu) seem to be madly in love until they actually live together. Neha, who was once Rajat's life, starts acting like his wife and becomes too much to handle. She talks about having space in the relationship and yet encroaches upon poor Rajat's space, including his group of friends. Chaudhary's charm impresses our lady, the oh-so-fickle Ria, who snaps out of a 5 year long relationship for this 5 month fling. And well Charu...she reminds us of Gungun, the RJ in the movie 'Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji'! Actually she is the exact, carbon copy of that character but this one seems to be less malicious, at least in the beginning!

All in all, these women turn out to be wrong but it leaves the impression that all the women in the world are wrong; it is just a matter of which of the wrong ones is perfectly right for you!

Every person who has been in a relationship, or has seen any of their friends in one (and pitied them) or is a girl or a boy, basically, more or less everyone, can relate to whatever happens in the movie. The best of all the couples though is Rajat-Neha; not for their romance, but for the way they fight. Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY, can relate to this couple.

The concept, though repetitive, is portrayed in a fresh way, with all these fresh faces. Very nice acting, that too for a debut, by each and every person! The dialogues are extremely situational and spontaneous; the monologue by Kartikeya especially, is superb and super hilarious. We can say that, it is the highlight of the movie. You must see the movie just for this one dialogue. The music is also quite good, especially the song 'Ban gaya kutta', which plays in the background, is funny and catchy. The movie seems to be a little bit stretched towards the end. But we can forgive that much for bringing a real comedy to us, after a long time!

Ufff...WOMEN! If you ask them what happened, they ask you to leave them alone! If you leave them alone, they think you don't love them anymore! If you take them out, they want you to spend some more time with your friends, if you finally catch up for a cricket match with your friends; they think you only care about friends and cricket! Women, women, women! Who can ever understand them!

Hence, Pyaar Ka Punchanama is the perfect guide to understand how difficult it is to understand women!

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