Fresh concept and Irrfan's hilarious comic timing is unmatched with lack of prodigious thought.

It is Tanuja Chandra's directorial come back and she does what she is best at, matching up couple's chemistry flawlessly. A contemporary love story of Irrfan as Yogi and Parvathy as Jaya, two designers with opposite personalities meet via a dating app that becomes a journey of a lifetime. Yogi a fun whimsical character and a part-time Shayar appears, without any baggage. He is single and done with three serious relationships, now ready to mingle once again. On the other hand, Jaya has her marriage to worry about and hence she is looking for someone to date. She looks at Yogi not once but twice and isn't quite sure whether to proceed or not.

While Yogi opts for flashy red and yellow loud eye-catchy clothes, which don't even match his Ghazal uttering Shayari's, Parvathy is casually dressed and in no mood to please someone. Both Irrfan and Parvathy catch up on funny strange interpretations that misleads them both. The mild showers of humour and crazy puns made by Yogi that gets under the skin of Jaya all the time keeps the audience engaged. This interesting Tom and Jerry chemistry with a lot of funny moments keeps us entangled til the end. Eeshit Narain's cinematography is truly the heart of the film which covers every alluring location of Dehradun, Hrishikesh, Rajasthan and Gangtok magnificently and keeping it simple yet majestic.

The screenplay is a bit slow and wacky, lacks the pace of an engaging travel film. However, this road trip flick is something that revolves around the two lead characters trying to make a decision following up on respective love interest of their past. Neha Dhupia's cameo is too less to talk about. Just a casual meet of Yogi's second ex-girlfriend who is a huge fan of his Shayaris and is now married.

Now talking about the songs of the film that are an intriguing element. Khatam Kahani by Sultana Nooran, Jyoti Nooran, Vishal Mishra is a peppy song with crazy lyrics,' Mein Jaan le lu Teri Jaan le lu' with delightful humorous visuals. The confronting nature of the online dating couple is a big highlight of this song.The next song adds more of a romantic flavour unleashing mountains of the north is Papon's ' Tu Chale Toh'. Now this track would make you believe that this is truly a travel flick and is a joy to watch. The third and the last song of the film is 'Jaane De'. Well, this is special, this really makes us familiar with that deep feeling of love where we have a lot to say from our heart and still we choose to be silent and in doubt. The songs of the film completely relish the movie, though the duration of the movie could have been more. After watching this movie you will be mesmerized by the spot on performances, but that's not enough. Script-wise there could have been more, some twist or turn, or some other impactful characters on screen.

The only disappointment with this film is that it starts well, but ends with a thoughtless trauma of self-realization and mutual love. The past relationships are just mentioned for namesake and didn't do much for the film. Overall an okay to watch flick but ends without any serious thought or message.

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