This 'Queen' will conquer many hearts!        

While many big production houses play it safe by sticking to male dominated movies, Anurag Kashyap once again swims against the tide and supports a project which has as an actress and not a 'star' as the lead.
Making Women centric cinema is a big challenge not only in Bollywood, but in Hollywood too as Cate Blanchet shared the fact recently during the Oscars.
Scene one: The  movie begins with a wedding happening in a conservative neighbourhood of Delhi, a daadi rehearsing for her dance act while the bride to be Rani (Kangana Ranaut) has a million thoughts running through her mind as she applies her wedding mehendi
Celebrations turn into mourning when the groom, Vijay Dhingra (Rajkummar Rao) gets cold feet and decides to call off the wedding. 
Hell breaks loose for fun loving Rani; however, she gathers courage and decides to go solo on her honeymoon trip to Paris and Amsterdam. 
Going abroad changes her perspective towards life as she realizes there is more to life than grieving about the break-up. 
From partying, to making the Europeans taste 'Gol Gappas', to lip-locking with an Italian chef, Rani gets all adventurous on the trip of her life.
Kangana Ranaut is the 'superhero' of the movie. She is such a natural when it comes to emotional scenes, especially the one when she learns the wedding has been called off. 
Her comic timing will surprise you and she will make you laugh out loud in scenes when she is drunk, the bag snatching scene and also when she does 'souvenir shopping'.
Lisa Haydon is another surprise element in the movie; she is perfectly casted for the role of the free-spirited Vijay Lakshmi. Rajkummar Rao is the antagonist of the movie, he plays the character of a self-centric man to perfection. Mish Boyko, Jeffrey Ho and Joseph Guitobh are awesome as the three buddies as well.
Casting is the key, and everyone from Daadi to Chintu to Rani's parents suit their respective characters.
Vikas Bahl who made his directorial debut with CHILLAR PARTY does a phenomenal job. Every scene is well portrayed and he manages to extract exceptional performances out of the cast. 
Vikas has also co-written the screenplay of the movie along with Parvez Shaikh and that helps, as there is not a single dull moment in the movie. The story is also penned by Parvez and he has written quite an original plot.
Anvita Dutta has written some real dialogues which keep you connected to the movie. 
Anurag Kashyap joins Abhijeet Kokate on the editing table, thus making sure that the movie is crisp.
Cinematographer Late Bobby Singh has done a splendid job and the movie is beautifully dedicated to him. 
Out of all the tracks in the movie composed by Amit Trivedi, 'London Thumakda' stands out as the vocals by Labh Janjua are outstanding. 
QUEEN belongs to Kangana and everyone will take notice of this talented actress who finally gets her due. 
On the occasion of 'Women's Day Weekend', QUEEN may be a great choice as it conveys a great message in a not so preachy manner. 
If light comedies work for you then go for QUEEN as it promises laughs, giggles and a good time. 
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