Raaz: Reboot

Bhatt Productions Raaz is one of those very few Indian horror flicks that really scare. Raaz 2 that starred Adhyayan Suman, Kangana Ranaut and Emraan Hashmi too was a good film. However, this one fails to impress. While the romance seems forced, the horror scenes are unintended comical at quite a lot of times.

Newlyweds Rahaan (Gaurav Arora) & Shaina (Kriti Kharbanda) reach the truly picturesque Romania and that’s when things start turning awry to the couple. There is less intimacy and the woman feels a presence of a strange person in the house. Finally, she is possessed. And then there’s her ex who seem to be knowing what’s happening with Shaina. And then comes out the Raaz.

There is absolutely no novelty in the film. The twist, turns, moves are very predictable. Some are from famous Hollywood horror flicks, and some from Vikram Bhatt’s earlier outings. Gaurav Arora is decent though Kriti still needs a few classes to up her game. The supporting cast too is strictly okay.

Hashmi does what is he known for. However, it’s the basic plot and the screenplay that we have an issue with.  And why oh why do we have the same old funny dialogues.

Music of the film is soothing and possibly the only saving grace. However, the songs seem quite forced at points.

We wouldn’t recommend to you to spend your buck on this one. Watch Raaz on DVD instead.

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