'Race 3' is all about vague dialogues, silly plotline and high octane action sequences

A much better plot could have made this one a masterpiece. When we hear the film Race, what comes to our mind is the twists and turns. Who will win the Race? who has the upper hand, but this one unlike the other two Race films, this one is a sheer disappointment in term of the plot. 

2018 Eid release Remo D'Souza directorial 'Race 3' stars a stunning ensemble cast of Anil Kapoor as Shamsher Singh, Salman Khan as Sikander Singh, Daisy Shah as Sanjana, Saqib Saleem as Suraj, Bobby Deol as Yash, Jacqueline Fernandez as Jessica and Freddy Daruwala as Rana. Well, that's quite a lot of characters to get your hands on but what the film lack is the convincing character development of each actor. 

The plot revolves around Samsher Singh aka Anil Kapoor a guy that has set an empire in Dubai's Al Shifa as an international weapon manufacturer, emerging from a small town Handiya to Porshe luxurious cars and royal mansion. This multi-millionaire empire is backed by a family that has the eldest son Sikander aka Salman the true family man coming for the rescue of his step-brother Suraj and sister Sanjana. Everyone needs a voice-over intro which seemingly looked super lame. We have no idea as of where the first half heads to but then you have the antagonist to make things interesting as Rana the antagonist comes in the picture played by Freddy. Late actor Narendra Jha plays a cameo of an Interpol officer consulted by Shamsher Singh. 

It is Salman and Anil Kapoor's entry which is nevertheless than a Hollywood introduction. Only their characters were close to their authenticity but then this dialogue-less flick couldn't survive and seem super draggy. 

Jacqueline Fernandez as Jessica plays Yash aka Bobby Deol's love interest adding a love triangle angle to the narrative for a while. Shamsher's good old business partner played by Rajesh Sharma who has a cameo to play is his good old friend who briefs him the plan of blackmailing the pervert politicians whose sexual footage are recorded in a hard disk and is located in the locker of a Cambodian bank. Here is when the family unites for the mission. 

The first half is a bit draggy and takes quite a lot of time to pick up. However, what's not disappointing is the edgy high octane action sequences full of blazing guns, flying cars, blazing helicopters and a lot more. The stunts and the sequences from picturesque Dubai and Cambodia look visually appealing and are surely an awe to the eye. 

The best part about this heading no-where film is its climax that unwinds some hidden stories from the past and yeah you didn't guess that right. Easy to admit that the dialogues are the worst element of this film as already we see the huge trolled line "Our business is our business, none of your business", there are more such ear murdering dialogues like 'Dil chord Dell Khol', or 'See you later alligator'. 

Thankfully, entertaining songs are a heavenly rescue in this 160 minutes long film, which will keep the audiences hooked to their seats. The song 'Heeriye' performed by Neha Bhasin and Punjabi singer surely give us the 'Kick' nostalgia of Jumme Ki Raat. Jacqueline looks lethal glam goddess in this number and we literally cannot take our eyes away from her. Another song that stays in our head even if we move out of the theatre is the Aatif Aslam and Lulia Vantur song 'Selfish' that was truly enduring. Though the visuals could have been better. Then we have two celebration numbers that are surely a joy to watch, the Mika Singh song 'Party Chale On' and the Race title track that every instalment has featured 'Allah Duhai Hai'. Both are equally good and placed perfectly according to the narrative of the film. 

Talking about the technicalities, the film has the best production value with those humongous terrain dessert from Dubai, the top-notch high tech arms and ammunition and the sizzling supercars like Hummer, Lamborgini and oh my god ! all these things made this flick visually enticing and we have to complain that why the plot and script does not match this visually stunning masterpiece. The makers have overdone the background score in most parts. 

Cinematography by Ayananka Bose does the finest job of capturing cinematic action sequences so smoothly. Story and screenplay which is penned by Shiraz Ahmed needed to be better. The film has too many jumps and the loopholes from the script level. Dialogues by Kiran Kotriyal are stupid, vague, spineless and these words neither connected with the audiences nor a single dialogue will be remembered. 

Moreover, 'Race 3' is not even a one time watch as you can watch all those songs on Youtube.

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