An honest attempt, which is worth a watch.

Rarely do we get to see an honest film like Rajanna. Beyond any doubt, this Nagarjuna starrer is one of the best films Tollywood has witnessed in the recent times. Without any commercial compromises, a tale of valour and sacrifice is presented on screen. Vijayendra Prasad, the director, needs to be applauded for trying his hands at a commercial entertainer, despite having a top hero in the cast. Equally laudable is Nagarjuna, for coming forward to produce the film, besides playing the lead role.


Rajanna is the narration of a girl, who explains us the history of her father, the brave-hearted man who teaches innocent villagers to revolt against atrocities. Annie is the daughter and Nagarjuna, needless to say, is the father. Mallamma (Annie) is brought up by a villager, after the demise of her father Rajanna (Nagarjuna) and mother Sneha. The place suffers from the rule of Nizam and other atrocities. Mallamma manages to go to Delhi, to meet Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, seeking a solution. When she is about to meet Nehru, she gets kidnapped. In a dark room, she narrates her story, that she is the daughter of the revolutionary leader Rajanna. What follows is a tale of cheer, fear and tear.


Nagarjuna lives as Rajanna. As a revolutionary, he is there delivering stunning performance scene after scene. Sneha is adequate and so are Nasser and others. The real show stealer is Annie, who is cute and intelligent. She performs like a seasoned actor.


M M Keeravani's songs elevate the mood, though the song towards the climax is a let-down. Ravinder's sets take us back to the late 1940s and early 1950s. Cinematography is good, while stunt sequences directed by S S Rajamouli come with his stamp.


The film lags big time in the second half and there are some logic lapses too. At the same time, it has to be said that Telugu cinema needs such movies to give a message or two to the new generation. An honest attempt, which is worth a watch.


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