A disappointing fare.

Kangana Ranaut is an actress in her own league, a reason why many of her fans will be watching 'Rajjo'. Small budget films are being rarely made in Bollywood and this one promises to be with a strong social message of promoting prostitute marriage and she living her dream life.
Sahitya Akademi winner Vishwas Patil is directing a movie that will make you think if this could be what 'Chandni Bar' was for Tabu. Chandu (Paras Arora) is a Virar ka chokra who is interested more in cricket and music and less in studies. In Nagpada, Rajjo (Kangana Ranaut) is a dancing queen of a brothel which is run by Begum (Mahesh Manjerkar). Chandu with his friends goes there to celebrate his victory in cricket at Begum's brothel and he ends up losing his heart to Rajjo. Chandu keeps taking the local from Virar to Grant Road to spend time and love brews between the two and he decides to get married to Rajjo and give her a respectful life and that leads to a grand wedding at Grant Road.
Hande Bhau (Prakash Raj) wants Rajjo to be the leading dancer at his bar and does his best to destroy Chandu and Rajjo's life. Kangana Ranaut takes on the challenge of playing a prostitute and you can make out that the actress has really worked hard on her character. Kangana gets the Kathak bang on and has the charm that bedazzles especially when she dances. However, Kangana looks lost somewhere for the most part but she comes across as powerful in few scenes and tries her best to hold the movie.
Paras Arora who has played the younger Shivaji does make a decent debut and looks innocent. Mahesh Manjrekar is very powerful as Begum. Prakash Raj is average, in fact after a point he is monotonous. Dalip Tahil makes an impact. Jaya Prada puts a perfect closure to this saga. 
While the story is a beautiful one, it does not translate into a powerful movie and the screenplay by Vishwas Patil is the main culprit as it makes the movie a drag. Cinematographer Binod Pradhan does a good job in recreating Kamathipura. Music by Uttam Singh are melodies from the 80's and it doesn't do justice to the movie. Kangana is not a great dancer but choreographer Ganesh Acharya has managed to make her dance well, in fact he has created a fusion of 'mujra' and 'bar dance'. Rajesh Rao could have trimmed the length of the movie for sure.
Rajjo could have been one of the movies that would have made a great impact as it supports a strong message however the screenplay is a complete letdown. Rajjo may do well just in single screen theaters as the masses may go with expectations to see some bold scenes but even they will be disappointed. 
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