Emotional and beautiful... A Journey worth experiencing!

Rajnigandha (tuberose) is a celluloid adaptation of the Hindi story - Yahi Sach Hai (this only is true) written by the lady author Mannu Bhandari who is a big name in the world of Hindi literature. The director has nowhere digressed from the original story and presented it ditto on the screen.


The movie is about Deepa Kapoor (Vidya Sinha) who is in love with Sanjay (Amol Palekar). Deepa leaves for Mumbai for the job and she gets to meet her ex-boyfriend Naveen (Dinesh Thakur) there. Now this makes her life difficult. On one side, she wants to be with Sanjay who gave her everything and loves her madly. And on the other side, her past, Naveen for whom she still has got soft corner. She finally makes the decision. But to know more, you must watch it.


Here, the events are seen from Vidya's perspective. Her lover is a caring man (Amol Palekar) who is liable to be brash, callous and indifferent at times. But he is nevertheless her constant source of support. They seem to have an ideal life as a couple in Mumbai until a job interview forces her to go to Delhi where she meets a man from her past, played by Dilip Thakur. She had known him to love her secretly but since he had never confided his feelings to her, she was helpless and had had to move on. Now, she secretly and maybe even selfishly, wishes that he finally confesses his love for her.


Deepa comes across the truth in the end because we live (and relive) in memorable moments of life. A moment of victory, a moment of love, a moment of satisfaction or a moment of bliss overpowers an uneventful and repetitive routine of a lifetime. Hence the golden moments are not to be let gone or wasted. They are to be lived to the full. And the bliss gained in a few moments is better than a treasure of stale memories and false, unfulfilled expectations.


Technically the movie is simple and simplicity itself was the pre-requisite of this emotional story of middle-class people. Hence acceptable. Music is a very big plus point of the movie. It contains only two songs, written by Yogesh and composed by Salil Chowdhury but they can very easily be counted among 100 best songs of bollywood


The best part of Amol Palekar (or Basu Chatterjee) movies is, they make movies based on real lives of people. There is no one with million dollar property nor anyone with super power to fight all villains. Their movies are simply about people like you and me. And that is what makes their movies evergreen. You always enjoy watching them anytime.


All in all, Rajnigandha is a very good emotional watch. However, those who can read Hindi and are fond of good literature, to read the story - Yahi Sach Hai which is a gem from the treasure of Hindi literature.


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