A vague war-drama flick.

Grand sets, some really well put costumes and breadth taking cinematography that's 'Rangoon' for you. Vishal Bhardwaj has always given us movies that are dark yet a treat to the cinematic eye and he does that again. Aiding him this time are his previous creative partners Saif Ali Khan (Omkara), Shahid Kapoor (Kaminey, Haider) and the very demure Kangana Ranaut who plays his muse for the first time on screen.

Known to get the best amalgamation of screenplay and poetry in his films, Bhardwaj yet again proves that his craft is unmatchable. Now that said, while all looks good in the film, it still lacks impact, impact that a love story like this one needed to have on its audience.
Rangoon has the backdrop of 1943 with the World War II where the Indian soldiers are fighting under the British flag. It narrates the story of a stuntwoman Miss Julia (Kangana Ranaut) and her love triangle with her Billionaire boyfriend Russi Billiomoria (Saif Ali Khan) and a jamadar of the Indian army Nawab Malik (Shahid Kapoor).

The films major drawback is the complicated plot, there is too much going on that suppresses the essence this love story needed to bring forth, almost like there is no emotion in the love being spoken about. Each character is very well etched out and the three lead actors shine in them. Kapoor and Khan bring forth the best under Bhardwaj's keen eye, both doing better than what's expected out of them. 
Kangana still outshines them as this girl is nothing less than an explosion. Her character is based on the famous Fearless Nadia and she takes it to another level altogether. Her mannerisms, dialogues and body language is something to look out for. Rest of the supporting cast too do not disappoint.

The music of the film by Bhardwaj himself laced with Gulza'’s lyrics and some soulful singers is spell binding though a few songs are deterrent to the flow of the film. Pankaj Kumar does magic with his camera. The film is long and that's a major drawback. This one sure needed more finesse not only in the execution but also in the way it is written.

Here's hoping Bhardawaj's next is a little better planned.

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