Technically strong, a treat for SRK fans but Ra.One & G.One as superheroes & super-villains are No.One!

Hit or Flop, Ra.One is a crowd puller for sure. After months and months of promoting the film to the extent that people got bored of seeing, hearing or talking about Ra.One, the film finally arrived. Borrowing much of the styling, concept, liberally from various Hollywood films and heavily from Terminator 2, Anubhav Sinha pulls-off a good stint with Ra.One.

Every son wants his dad to be his Hero but unfortunately for Prateek (Armaan Verma), his dad is a big Zero. Shekhar Subramanium (Shah Rukh Khan) is a clumsy, geeky Video game developer who is trying his level best to be a “Hero” in his son’s eyes. Everything he does is for his son. Shekhar finally has his Eureka moment and strives to formulate a game with an indestructible villain/bad guy in it; just the way his son likes. But Shekhar, who is always quoting great men, believes more strongly in one quote- “Achchai ki hamesha jeet hoti hai aur burayi ki haar” (The good always triumphs over the bad). This one belief holds the entire movie together. One fine day, suddenly Ra.One, the Bad man from the video game comes into the real world, destroying the distinguishing line between the Real world and the virtual world. He is on the look-out for Lucifer i.e. Prateek, who was the last person with whom Ra.One had a match but never gets a chance to finish the match. Ra.One wants to kill Lucifer (Prateek’s game name) and finish the incomplete game. But no superhero story is complete without a bad boy and a good boy. So our good boy, the saviour, the knight in the shining armour (literally)… G.One (Shah Rukh Khan) jumps in to save Prateek and his mom Sonia (Kareena Kapoor) from Ra.One. Here onwards, the movie is all about Shah Rukh Khan, special effects and action.

Shah Rukh Khan is himself just like all his characters in his previous movies- he is charming, witty at times, trying to be funny at others, he is still a chocolate boy but this time with blue eyes instead of his deep brown eyes. Kareena Kapoor is not that good... the only time she is actually brilliant is towards the climax where there is a surprise transformation of the lady into the Bad guy (watch the movie to know more). Armaan, the little kid is cute and has done well. Shahana Goswami as Jenny Nayar is also pretty good. Suresh Menon has an impact in spite of having a very small role. Rajinikanth is in the movie simply for his fans; he plays no part in the story but it is again a brownie point for SRK as Rajini’s fans are likely to come for Ra.One to watch their favourite Superstar Chitti from Robot. Arjun Rampal as Ra.One (only for sometime) is completely wasted. His look is somewhere in between the Agneepath look of Sanjay Dutt and a wasted, drunk villain. Tom Wu who is also Ra.One for a while makes a better villain than Arjun Rampal.

Except the opening sequence of Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra and SRK and the CST station crumbling down scene, the movie does have some sense to it. There is a story but it is not very strongly executed. Only on the basis of the VFX and the CGI effects, the movie cannot be a hit. No doubt the effects are brilliant but the weak story mars this effort. The most amusing part of the movie is that in spite of the film being named after the villain Ra.One, he doesn’t have a face. He keeps changing his identity right from the Chinese guy to Arjun Rampal, his face of terror is nothing permanent which dilutes the effect, a super-bad guy should have.

The music of the movie is superb without doubt and already a hit among many. For acting the movie is alright but for those, who are SRK fans, and those who love the effects must watch the film (or probably they will, I don’t need to tell them that).

Films with big stars always tend to get extreme reactions; especially when Shah Rukh Khan is involved, suddenly the audience is divided into SRK-lovers and SRK-haters such is the charm of King Khan. Ra.One is also sure to get extreme reactions; people will watch either because they love Shah Rukh or they’ll watch it ‘coz they hate him so much that they want to prove their point by telling everyone accompanying them how bad the movie is. Ra.One might not be the next big Superhero movies of Bollywood, but it is definitely the biggest movie with excellent effects interspersed with Bollywood masala and drama. The movie is worth one watch for sure. 

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