Salmaan promises entertainment...and entertain he does!

Salman Khan...Hit. His previous movies...Hit. Star cast...Hit. Songs...Super hit. So many hits in one movie and so many fans who will go for the movie despite it being good or bad. The movie will definitely collect a lot of revenue at the box-office but is all this an assurance of a film being good? Umm... I would say NO.

There was a time when Salman Khan movies used to have more emotions, a lot of family drama and some amount of sense in them but then came 'Dabangg' and it brought a whole new genre of movies (am I allowed to say stupid?), but 'Dabangg' was a hit (and it was fun) and so will 'Ready' be a hit, is what we will think when we go for the movie. Sadly, that doesn't hold true.

'Ready' is a remake of the Telugu movie 'Ready', which was a hit in the south. It is about Prem (do I really need to mention who Prem is?) who falls in love with Sanjana (Asin), belonging to a family of goons. How he fights all odds to bring the goon family together and finally marry Sanjana, is what the plot is all about.

A lot of hullabaloo and super colourful and loud songs definitely make you want to get up and dance (the Ganapati dance) but that's about it. Otherwise, there is a lot of monkey business and really, really lame jokes. I am not saying that it won't make you laugh at all but beyond a point you just can't take it anymore. In fact, the first half is good, you really are excited to know how the movie will be later but the second half is just too long and dragged and not-so-funny. The movie is packed with cliches and they have references to Salman's previous movies (now that is fun).

Salman Khan is superb. He and his antics will get a lot of whistles (even you might want to learn to whistle before going for the movie). Asin is also good, she is pretty, funny and not so over-the-top like in 'Ghajini'. In terms of comedy, Paresh Rawal still stands out and is very comfortable and natural with his role. The rest of the cast are alright. There are a few cameos but if one deserves a special mention, it would be Kangana Ranaut; not because she is brilliant or anything but because her dialogue delivery is really painful to our ears (as usual). Zarine Khan as Khushi, doesn't have much work except her song, which is without any doubt, a hit. Towards the end there is a lot of running around, which kind of reminds you of the movie 'Hungama' (just for the chaos and not for the level of its comedy, 'Hungama' was far better).

Salman Khan doesn't claims that his movie is of some other genre, while it turns out to be funny (like a recent "horror" movie which turned out to be funny). He promises entertainment and entertain he does. The movie is like a promotion, marketing, or a home production made just for Salman. So all the Salman fans out there, I agree that you will like the movie but don't say it is because the movie is good, it is only 'coz of Salman.

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