Only Gun....No Fun!!

A rugged female goon of Chambal whose first murder was at the age of seven falls in love with a wannabe Bollywood actor. Now, this thought alone is intriguing enough to pull audiences to cinema halls but keeping them on their seats is another task and that is where REVOLVER RANI falls weak. 

However, there is no denial that the plot has great potential and the talented cast does complete justice to it. But the film is completely let down by a shaky screenplay, mediocre music and abrupt background score. 

Kangana Ranaut plays the ruthless and lonely Alka Singh aka Revolver Rani who finds solace in her toy boy Rohan Kapoor played by Vir Das

Kapoor impresses her faking emotional dialogues SRK style for a Bollywood launch pad. And guess where the two meet - at Gwalior's Dude spelled as Dud No.1 competition. To avoid him going away from her, Alka also builds a film city in Gwalior. 

However, this love story has a villain: Politics, as Alka is nurtured by her maternal uncle Balli played by Piyush Mishra to be in power that she has just lost to opposition. 

After her stupendous success with 'Queen', Kangana proves her mettle yet again. The girl has no inhibitions whatsoever and even makes a not-so-good looking Alka shine. Only and only Kangana could have done this role donning tapered metallic bralets with her trademark curls. 

Vir Das perfectly complements Kangana and does a fabulous job with the character. Piyush Mishra though good, reminds you of his character in 'Gangs Of Wasseypur', making his character monotonous. Other characters are sketched poorly and are almost wasted in the film. 

A film's music is its backbone and REVOLVER RANI has it completely cracked. The songs are forgettable and almost land up unexpectedly. Background score is mediocre as well as patchy. 

The film though is just a little over two hours, feels quite stretched. It could have done with a few edits.

The most entertaining part is the TV news reporting of what's happening between the two political parties that manage to get a few gags. 

The genre is confused and had the director stuck to one thing, there was a chance that the film would have been a good watch. 

For now, spending money on this one is not what we would suggest as our two stars are solely for Kangana and Vir Das's honest performance. 

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