A Strong topic marred by poor execution…

Social atrocities, superstitions and problems make for a really good script and with a strong narrative and star cast, it might just turn out to be a hit but sadly Rivaaz doesn’t fall under the "successful" category.


The Rivaaz which means a Tradition in the village is to encourage and force the daughters and wives into prostitution. Rahul (Manoj Bidwai), a city boy, goes to this village and suddenly falls in love with this girl Bela (RItisha). The girl is still young and hence not yet been pushed in the valley of prostitution. How to reach this girl, how to express his love for her and win her? With the help of a local pimp, he even succeeds but that is not enough. She gets convinced but there is an entire village to fight and an entire Rivaaz to defy. Will he succed? Will the love triumph over the cruel Rivaaz?


The topic is a very serious issue but the way it is executed is horrible. Deepti Naval is talented but her talent is wasted. Vijay Raaz is good but the rest of the cast is just below average. The director hasn't taken much efforts or thought behind a thought provoking story like this one. Acting is still alright but overall the movie has no punch to it.  What is even sad that the movie on such a topic makes you first cry with pain (not their pain but your pain of having to watch it) and then laugh at the amazement of the amount of stupidity shown. It is alright if a bad movie is funny but a movie on a serious topic being funny is a serious issue. Prostitution is not meant to be funny. It is serious. The director should seriously indulge in self reflection and reflection over the film he has given.

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