The sequel fails to rock.

Magik, the band, its revival was sure something that touched all our hearts in 2008. Abhishek Kapoor made a film that struck the right chord with music and cinema lovers. Making a sequel, sure was a huge responsibility, that this time fell flat on its knees. The prequel had a strong concept, equally strong storyline and a gripping screenplay. Characters were sketched thoughtfully. This one just felt like it started without a proper script, without the right direction.
Farhan Akhar is the same reclusive Aditya Shroff, we fail to understand which world does he live in. We thought the climax of the prequel had actually made him understandable, but he stands even far away from his friends and family in the sequel. He has taken the philanthropic route and is now helping the farmers of Meghalaya. His friends and family are still trying to get him back to Mumbai and music. Ultimately, its music that is the answer to the plight of the farmers too, as per the film. How? Well, that's not important again as per the makers. 
As weak is the slot, the screenplay too is quite confused. The characters travel from Meghalaya to Mumbai in a split second. They are there just for the sake of it. The actors do their job well, because they are proficient, but no one seems to care about where the film is heading.  
This supposed to be a musical, falls flat on the music front as well. Shraddha, we loved your 'Galliyan' rendition, however you should leave the singers job to them. Akhtar, lets focus more on acting in films like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, or for the matter of fact, directing films like 'Don 2', no that sure was a better sequel.  
At a lot of places, the film takes the audiences' sensibilities for granted.  As disappointing as it may sound, the sequel fails to rock. 

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