This one is sure a treat for John's fans. 

With 'Force', director Nishikanth Kamath and John Abraham gave Indian cinema a serious action flick quite superior as per standards and this alone is the reason enough for the duo to come back with another out and out action entertainer 'Rocky Handsome'. As the title suggests, there is a handsome protagonist Kabir Alhawat / Rocky Handsome (John Abraham) out in the open with some serious Rocky business to finish. He owns a pawn shop in Goa and only mingles with his eight year old neighbor. He literally never smiles.

John looks nothing less than a Greek god and is at the top of his game with his physical appeal. However, it's the acting front where he loses. His director is very well aware of his limitations and so gives him very few dialogues. The focus is certainly on his toned muscles, bare chest and shoulders and a sexy midriff. Kamath himself plays the villain and could have done much a better job than what it is currently. Other villain characters are just caricatures. Shruti Hassan plays a cameo and is okay. Nathalia Kaur could not do much apart from flaunting her good looks. Sharad Kelkar seemed the only sane character of the film, however, his supporting hands couldn't do much for the fate of the film.

For the action lovers, 'Rocky Handsome' is sure a treat as it has some really tastefully shot sequences in slow motion or long shots. And with someone like John performing them, they are visually very appealing. However, the flaws in the film go back to its roots, in the scripting and the basic plot. Writer Ritesh Shah adapted Korean film 'The man from nowhere' molded it for the Hindi film audience but could not give it the soul needed to strike the right chord.

No complaints from cinematography but the background score got extremely loud. Music is decent with a good mix of foot tapping, romantic and soothing numbers. Another problem that the film faces is touching multiple problems of Drug dealing, Organ trading, child trafficking but not sticking to one and dwelling completely into it.

Are you a John Abraham and action lover, this one is sure a treat and if not it's advisable to please find yourself something better to do.

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