A crazy mindless entertainer...

Thunderous action, spilling blood, flying cars and weak dialogues; Rowdy Rathore opens up with suspense but ends in the most expected manner.

Prabhu Dheva, when comes up with something, he leaves no stone unturned to entertain people. Extravagant action, untimely romance and songs, and finally ear striking dialogues; these are some of his common ingredients for entertainment which actually work.

His new offering Rowdy Rathore is half set up in Mumbai and half in the outskirts of Patna in a fictional village named Devgarh. The movie tells the story of Vikram Rathore (Akshay Kumar), the fearless and the headstrong cop, and his look alike Shiva (Akshay Kumar), the coward thief. Vikram has the all-or-none attitude in Devgarh ruled by Mafia goons. His encounter with them leaves his life under threat. Now it is Shiva’s duty to complete the task of Vikram. 

There are glimpses in the movie that remind you of Dabangg, Singham and Wanted. Prabhu Dheva has created another overboard action movie in Hindi that has been made and remade in south. 

Akshay Kumar, as the fearsome Vikram and the coward Shiva, played the double roles convincingly. His actions and dialogues are pure entertainment and you will find yourself laughing at some of the senseless jokes. This can be called as Akshay's comeback as the action hero after light entertainers like Houseful 2, Tees Maar Khan and Desi Boyz.  

Sonakshi Sinha is just a glamour element in the movie and does not have much to offer. Gurdeep Kohli and Yashpal Sharma as cops are really surprise packages.

Direction of the movie is a treat and the special effects give the 'punch' to the visuals. Screenplay of the movie is not really commendable and is supported with a weak script. The prolonged movie leaves your mind exhausted. 

The music reminds you of the typical south 'dapanguthu' that makes you tap your footsteps, but not for long.

Watch Rowdy Rathore this weekend, if you like over-the-top action, drama and romance by Prabhu Dheva. 

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