This one is a good time pass.

Amit Roy's 'Running Shaadi' took two years to release due to taking them to court to not use ".com" in their title. Little did this debutante director know that blurring and beeping out ".com" would impact the film so much. But more than that, it's the half baked script and a cluttered screenplay that takes away for the most part.

Running Shaadi is about a Bihari boy Ram Bharose (Amit Sadh) who has just left his job due to a tiff with his boss launch a new .com venture along with his friend Sarabjeet aka Cyberjeet. Running Shaadi helps much in love couples elope from their homes to get married. Set in Amritsar, the film's intention is to be a laugh riot however, the only riot that happens in the theatre is to run to get popcorns and samosas.

That said, there is no denying the fact that the film sees lots of potential. Roy who has worked as a DOP with Ram Gopal Varma for most of his films shows great skills. He is also the writer of the film along with Navjot Gulati and the subject as well as the script is well etched out.

The characters are sketched well and detailed. However, it's the actors who truly take the film a notch high. Sadh emotes brilliantly well and we hope to see more of him on the silver screen. Pannu is par-a-class and there is absolutely no doubt about that. However, her Punjabi girl portrayal gets a bit stereotypical as opposed to her outgoing character. Arsh Bajwa is extremely funny and provides the much needed comic relief. He is one person we would advise you to go watch the film for.

Technically, Roy's debut attempt is sound. Anupam Roy, Abhishek-Akshay & Zeb's music, if not outstanding is soothing. The cinematography and editing is on point. Chaotic is how we would describe the film in one word with a bit of humour here and there. Its not an out and out comedy and can be watched at the comfort of your house when it plays on TV, but if you are a couple in love and are thinking of eloping to cinema halls, this one is a good time pass.

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