A Half-hearted attempt for youngsters...

SADDA ADDA is a movie with the right intention. You could call it a poor cousin of 3 IDIOTS. That itself should be a big boost to the makers for working on a theme which is positive in its approach to send out an optimistic message of hope. It also has shades of similarity with the 2007 film directed by Manoj Tyagi, MUMBAI SALSA.


The film starts with a note "The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is You". Six boys from different states come together to share a 2BHK apartment in a middle-class colony, which they lovingly call "Sadda Adda". All come from diverse backgrounds with dreams to make it big. While one wants to make it in acting, the others in engineering, and sales and design. There's another who is struggling to find a suitable job.


However, very soon they lose focus, the film takes a predictable downward spiral and finally the boys come back on track to regain lost grounds. The buddies tend to get into fights but they usually look out for each other as they always do. The characters appear believable. Their luck with girls or their professional goals seems equally real. Pyar Ka Punchnama was a similar film, much admired last year. The success of that picture proved every movie needn't connect with audiences through theatres alone. That one found fame and cult status on torrent, YouTube, mainly because of its lead character Liquid, and a long, lamenting monologue on what women want. A more forgiving TV is usually where good writing truly shines.


As for the performances what can a bunch of young boys do in a setting -- full of empty beer cans, cigarette butts, under wears, uncooked food, porn magazines -- they proudly call sadda adda. Wonder what the purpose of the film was. Do all dreams die always? Depressing. A good effort by the cast and crew – and clearly they have a lot of potential. The acting, the overall feel of the movie could use some more 'sleekness' but it is fun to watch.


The debutant director of this rather patchy, amateurishly filmed, poorly dubbed, artlessly designed picture is a writer as well. It shows. His last work was the awesomely executed Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar. A better filmmaker could've tweaked this subject into a finer movie still. This is a great script to read. Which doesn't always make it the best film to watch. Sadly.  

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