Intriguing performances by Kamal Hassan and Sridevi create the magical Sadma

It is heart wrenching for anyone who watches Sadma. The movie will leave you with nothing but an indescribable pain that lasts for a long time. Balu Mahendra's Sadma is an incredibly made movie for the masses who will easily relate to the characters and the plot.


Sadma narrates the story of Nehalata/Reshmi and Somu. Nehalata becomes Reshmi after she meets with an accident which leaves her with a head injury which regress her into childhood. Circumstances lead her into a brothel from where she is rescued by the kind hearted teacher Somu. Somu takes care of her and will eventually fall in love with her. He decides to treat her to bring back her memory. The treatment brings her memory back only to make us realize that she does not remember anything after her accident, including Somu.  The movie ends up leaving us devastated with the fact that Nehalata has left her entire past with Somu and she has headed towards her hometown.


Sadma is a beautifully narrated movie that will leave you with just one thought; Somu should not have treated her. The script and direction by Balu leaves you in tears by the end of the movie and emotionally awed. 


Kamal Haasan was already a terrific actor and he proved it again being Somu. Scenes wherein he enacts monkey for Reshmi and the whole song of Surumaee Akhiyon Mein will leave your heart completely fallen for Somu. Kamal's performance in the final scene deserves a special mention as that is the scene that leaves any viewer totally crashed. Kamal proved to be an ultimate actor and the movie, in Tamil, won him his first National Award.


Sridevi is equally flawless in the movie and her situations will make you empathize with the character. Her character cannot be hated even at the end of the movie as you realize that she is not at fault. Her transformation as the matured Nehalata to the five year old minded Reshmi is not really an easy task. But Sridevi portrayed it as a cake walk for her as she smoothly transforms into both the roles.


The music of the movie, by the legendary Ilaiyaraaja, is an all time treasure. Surumayee Akhiyon Mein will make your heart sulk even today when you listen. Aye Zindagi, Yeh Hawa Yeh Fiza and others are still in the list of classics.


If you have not watched Sadma, you are missing the experience of watching one of the best movies of Indian cinema.     

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