Satrangee Parachute ends up being another disappointing watch

Second time in consecutive weeks we have a children's film which is about running away from home. Last week Kaccha Limboo was about an early teenager running away from home and discovering life. And this week's Satrangee Parachute is about some children running away to get parachute. Pulakesh Bhowmik’s story is too childish to be true. His screenplay is dull and fails to build either excitement or tension.


This is the story of Nainital’s young kid, Rishabh Sharma alias Pappu (Siddhartha Sanghania), who, along with four friends of his, comes to Bombay in search of a parachute. His parents, Chhotulal (Zakir Hussain) and Sumitra (Rupali Ganguly), are worried as hell for him although this is not the first time he has left home without informing them. The parents of the other four kids are angry with Pappu for having run away with their children and they are also worried for their kids. The five little kids overhear a man (Ashraf-ul-haq) talking about a parachute and they follow him and his three friends to ‘buy’ a parachute. It turns out that the four men are terrorists who are planning an operation involving parachutes.


As luck would have it, the five kids are mistaken to be hand-in-glove with the terrorists and they are arrested. Rhino (Kay Kay Menon) is the investigating officer but when he is unable to get anything out of the kids, his senior (Jackie Shroff) takes over. Are the five kids able to prove their innocence? What happens to the terrorists and their plans? The rest of the film answers these questions.


The biggest problem with the script is that nothing about the drama seems believable. Even the track of the police subedar and his dominating wife looks as if she is forced and fails to evoke laughter or even a smile because the jokes are so silly. Dialogues (Anupama Mishra) are commonplace. Also the crux of the story - the kids running away - comes only in the second half. And within no time the film is over, posing serious questions on the validity of the title of the film. And before this happen the director Vineet Khetrapal wastes the entire first half just to convey that his protagonist Pappu is smart and that he really cares for his visually impaired friend Kuhu.


Coming to performances, the director fails to extract performances from the kids. He however has a very established adult cast, who do their jobs beautifully. Zakir Hussain, Kay Kay, Rupali Ganguly are good. With all its faults Satrangee Parachute ends up being another disappointing watch. If at all, it will appeal to kids below 10 years of age.

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