Aamir's film magnificently defines the divine nature of mother's love. 

After watching the film for a moment I deeply thought about how can a film be entertaining without those item numbers, glamour and action. And then this film made us all believe that you don't require a massive star-cast or below the belt scenes to make a film truly entertaining. 'Secret Superstar' is the simplest story you will ever come across, but it keeps you emotionally attached, it will make you giggle a lot, you will experience a lot of emotions watching it and yes it's all worth it.

The film is a story of a 15-year-old school girl from Vadodara named Insiya who is very passionate about singing, keeps daydreaming about the tunes in her head, and wants to make it grand some day. Her backbone is her loving mother Najma played by Meher Vij who is a true sweetheart you will ever witness. All the time they are bowed down by an irritating autocratic father/husband played by Raj Arjun who is a rude disguised human being. Insiya's younger brother Guddu played by Kabir Shaikh brings a lot of cute elements in this film.

Furthermore, both are watching a reality TV show that introduces Aamir Khan as music director and the judge of the show, Shakti Kumar who is scolding a child singer in a very blunt way. The character is actually funny, whimsical and so animated and catchy that it literally showers us with some lukewarm laughs to cheer for. The first half is the build-up of an ordinary story-line where she makes it big as a Secret Superstar hiding her identity and uploading her composed songs going absolutely viral. Whereas, the second half is even more interesting thanks to Aamir's presence in it.

The pillars of the film are its songs that give life to every emotion with the blend of its visuals. All the songs are composed by Amit Trivedi and performed by Meghna Mishra. The very first song 'Sapne Re' appears at the beginning of the film where Insiya is returning home in a train journey enjoying Antaakshari with her group of friends but suddenly croons this song that everybody starts cheering for. The next song is 'Main Kaun Hoon' which she uploads on her Youtube channel 'Secret Superstar' wearing a Burkha and playing a soft alternative music with the strings of the guitar. 'Meri Pyaari Ammi' is also one of her Youtube uploads and an emotionally enticing song that defines a mother-daughter relationship with a lot of grace. The next track 'Nachdi Phira' is a song that Insiya croons on her visit to Mumbai in Shakti Kumar's music studio. The last song before the climax is 'I'll Miss You' which showcases puppy love between Insiya and Chintan played by Tirth Sharma. And finally 'Sexy Baliye' performed by Mika Singh, one can witness Aamir's character grooving along with blonde cheer-leaders making us giggle for sure.

The direction and screenplay by Advait Chandan is simply applaudable, as making such a simple film intriguing that not even bores us for a single second in the entire 2hrs 35mins. Director of Photography Anil Mehta has captured smooth scenes that carry the film flawlessly. In the end, it is the Mother's love that stands out and brings a lot of heart and soul in this film. A strong recommendation to watch it out with your family on this Diwali weekend. 

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