Seeta Aur Geeta is one of the best comedy films ever made in India. Apart from its wonderful screenplay, exceptionally funny proceedings and the fantastic blend of comedy, romance and action, there's another very good reason to watch it which is also the main reason: Hema Malini. Ramesh Sippy makes a wise choice by casting her, as she brings the film to life with her natural charm and beauty. Without a doubt, the script is another winner and technically the film was quite innovative at that the time. The result is a picture that is entertaining and memorable.

It must be noted that it's not just about the comedy; the movie has depth even in the dramatic portions. Seeta's torture is successfully disturbing and there you can see a great deal of dramatic tension which is often overlooked. Some of the scenes in which Geeta finally makes justice may be entertaining, but they are much more than just that. See Geeta's interaction with her grandmother, the moment she makes the old woman take her real place in the house, the moment she stands up for the servant when he gets physically abused, or the one when she breaks the norm by refusing to count the money brought by the lawyer, placing full trust in his services.

Hema Malini, in one of her finest performances ever, is simply splendid and marvelous. She gets two completely different roles to play with very distinct temperaments and personalities (one is a dramatic role and the other is a comic one) and she plays them so brilliantly, skillfully and convincingly that it's impossible to believe it is one woman playing these two characters. She is moving and compelling as Seeta but it's the character of Geeta that remains with you forever, because it shows the most colourful shades of her personality and utilises her superb comic timing to the fullest.

The rest of the cast members, including Sanjeev Kumar and Dharmendra, support well. Kumar never ceased to impress with his natural ease and here he is very likable. Dharmendra does exceedingly well as the lonely drunkard. Roopesh Kumar is also well cast as the villain. The elderly women, Pratima Devi as the grandmother and Radhika Rani as Geeta's foster mother, are very good but undoubtedly it is Manorama who stands out as the twins' cruel, evil and hilarious aunt. Her plump, amusingly hypocritical, heavily made-up and caricaturish Kaushalia, one of the most memorable and funny characters in Hindi cinema history. Manorama is just exceptional in a wonderfully acted comic role, which significantly contributes to making this film the classic that it is.

R.D. Burman's music is outstanding. Ramesh Sippy's direction is excellent, ditto for the cinematography, the editing and the action. The camera work and the stunts were definitely ahead of the times. The movie never gets boring; it is fast-paced, engaging and interesting. Many films with similar story lines have been made before and after, but frankly they all pale in comparison to this one. Seeta Aur Geeta is one of the best-made Indian films of its time, one of the most accomplished entertainers - a masterful work of timeless proportions.
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