The most talked about film of recent times 'Sega', generated quite a buzz around even before its release, citing the fact that a debutant female director Anjana is leading an action thriller.

The film is about two brothers Balaji (Muthu Kumar) and his younger brother Karthik (Nani) who's an engineering student in Chennai. The brother-duo has a troubled past citing the poor background and experience of living in slums. Karthik is always seen in the company of his dear friend Vishnu (Evam Karthi) and also has a lady love Revathy (Nithya Menon) in his life.

In the mean while Vishnu falls in love with a sex worker Viji (Bindhu Madhavi) who is under the trap of Jothi an aide of a woman don. Jothi is aware of Vishnu's inclination towards Viji; hence he offers Vishnu a deal where he claims to leave Viji free once he does a favor for him. Vishnu falls prey to his plan and in the course loses his life. The blame of Vishnu's murder falls on Karthik coz he's the only one with whom Vishnu was often seen. Karthik's younger brother Balaji when learns about this indecent development comes back from Chennai for his help.

From there on the film is all about the run-chase sequences where the brothers try to prove that they are innocent and expose the mystery behind the murder of Vishnu. Gautham Vasudev Menon's assistant Anjana the debut director has done an impeccable job in her very first film. Her sharp direction and strong hold over the film just proves the unexplored caliber that she possesses. The film is filled with edgy sequences and sharp scenes that will keep you on edge throughput the film. Special credit for this feat must be given to Antony's razor-sharp editing.

Om Prakash's cinematography sets a very interesting frame on-screen; his unusual camera angles add depth to the thriller. Music by Joshua Sridhar is soothing, melodious as well as peppy and is quite successfully creating a dramatic aura for the film.

Talking about performances from Muthukumar to Nani to Karthik, every star has performed their parts to near perfection and have given their best shot to the film. The female leads of the film Nithya Menon and Bindhu Madhavi are convincing in their roles and add the required amount of softness to the hard-hitting film.

Though the film at times feels dragged but picks up pace even before you realize it. The film will certainly set a standard in Telugu cinema and will be looked upon by the other aspiring directors and compel them to draw inspiration from Debutant Anjana's super frolic flick.

Watch it as the action isn't worth a miss!!!

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