Sequels to successful films is a tried and tested formula nowadays and Producer Pritish Nandy is cashing on the idea; this time around by joining hands with Balaji. 
PYAAR KE SIDE EFFECTS was a breeze of fresh air that defined a casual relationship and commitment issues. And so the sequel titled SHAADI KE SIDE EFFECTS was eagerly awaited. Even though the central characters Sid and Trisha are kept the same, the movie is not a continuation of the earlier one. 
Sid (Farhan Akhtar) and Trisha (Vidya Balan) are a married couple enjoying their bliss until pregnancy kicks in. While Trisha is ready for motherhood, Sid is definitely not ready to become a father. 
In a very uncertain mindset, he takes the plunge. While he does his best to do the dad duties, he fails many a times and his wife makes him feel awful about it. 
From poopy conversations to fathers fighting over Pinata candies, Sid finds himself disliking parenthood. 
To make matters worse, Sid takes advice from his brother-in-law (Ram Kapoor) who counsels him to take a break for a couple of days in a month under the pretext of work. 
From living with a paying guest named Manav (Vir Das), to hiring an overpriced maid aka aunty (Ila Arun), Sid does it all to make his married life happy.
Farhan essays his character with full sincerity and pulls the entire show single-handedly. He plays his role with honesty, but has not enough support from the script.
Vidya's performance is average, from an actress of her caliber you expect something more impactful which she fails to deliver. 
Ram Kapoor is awesome. The way he teaches his son all international languages is absolutely hilarious. Vir Das is good, however, his character ends abruptly. Ila Arun is powerful, but her character is half-baked. Rati Agnihotri is wasted.
Saket Chaudhary's direction is strong, the first half is full of giggles and funny situations, however, post interval the movie slows down. The story goes round in circles and gains momentum only towards the end. 
Many scenes like a father forgetting his kid to Sid becoming a PG to him sleeping outside the house makes you go 'really?!'. 
Music by Pritam is average and nowhere close to the prequel. Editors Amitabh Shukla and Ramesh Sharma do a decent job. 
The brand placements of 'Skore' and 'T-series' get annoying and break the connection. 
SHAADI KE SIDE EFFECTS has many situations that couples can relate to and may enjoy watching it for that reason. 
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