A stretchy affair full of needless kiddishness, glitz and glamour.

Filmmaker Vikas Bahl's last film 'Queen' proved to be a blockbuster and also went to win the National Award. Hence obviously expectations from his latest offering 'Shaandaar' were very high. Films on wedding theme are quite common nowadays in bollywood and this one too is a film based on wedding, but the only difference here is that it is a destination wedding film. Will Vikas Bahl's latest venture live up to the expectations of the audience or will it simply fizzle out, let's analyze.

'Shaandaar' is the story of the Arora family, namely, Bipin Arora (Pankaj Kapoor) and his adopted daughter Alia (Alia Bhatt) who are introduced in quite a funky manner through animated cartoons. The story then moves on to the real life accidental meeting between a wedding organizer Jagjinder Joginder (Shahid Kapoor) and Bipin Arora, who is travelling with his wife and two daughters Alia and Isha, when Jagjinder's bike accidentally bumps into Bipin's car. This is when Jagjinder notices Alia and instantly falls head over heels for her. The story then shifts focus on Isha's destination wedding called 'Shaandaar' in the exotic locations of UK. In reality, this wedding is nothing but a business deal between Bipin Arora's mother Dadimaa (Sushma Seth) and the super rich Sindhi man Harry Fundwani (Sanjay Kapoor). Dadimaa wants Isha to get married to Harry's son Robin Fundwani so that the family can get out of bankruptcy. What will be the outcome of this wedding, will it ever take place, what happens to the love story of Jagjinder and Alia is what forms the reminder of the film.

Coming to terms with the acting part, both Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt look absolutely cute and adorable onscreen. The chemistry between the two is also praiseworthy. Both of them carry their respective characters on their shoulders with finesse. The veteran Pankaj Kapoor also manages to play his part nicely and looks very believable and natural onscreen. Shahid's sister Sanah Kapoor who has made her debut with this film, too has managed to do justice to her role and shows some promise in her acting. Sanjay Kapoor who is back to acting after quite a long time, is stricly okay and so is the rest of the supporting cast.

The cinematography of the film is commendable as the exotic locations of UK are captured very nicely indeed. The editing part frankly could have been a bit crispier as the film gets stretchy at some point of time. The film could have easily been trimmed by atleast 20 minutes to make it look crispier. 

The music of the film is satisfactory. Out of all the songs, the two which manage to stand out are the title track 'Shaam Shaandaar' and 'Gulabo'. 

The film's director Vikas Bahl, whose last film 'Queen' was a stupendous hit, this time, unfortunately falters with 'Shaandaar'. The film has a very kiddish type of feel to it with lots of unwanted VFX and animations and also needless glitz and glamour. Further, there is nothing very special about the film's storyline, it gets stretchy and might tend to bore you after a point of time and also might bring the "God when will this get over" kind of feeling. The only thing which is the saving factor for 'Shaandaar' is the praiseworthy acting of the lead actors Shahid and Alia and their adorable chemistry onscreen.

We are going for 2 stars for 'Shaandaar' and the credit for this goes to Shahid and Alia. Watch this one only if you are a die hard fan of Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt or if you have nothing better to do this weekend.


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