Action and cinematography are heroes of film. 

Shivaay, the name, the music and the trailer of the film was enough for us to get a glimpse of the Magnum opus that we were about to witness. Grand is the film, yes but unfortunately is let down by poor writing and a very weak and stretched screenplay. SHIVA, the power has always intrigued filmmakers, authors and artists, to recreate or adapt him in their works and many of such works have been appreciated around the globe, unfortunately this one will be far from that.

So here's the story! Shivaay (Devgn) who is a mountaineer, stays in the Himalayas, is a tourist guide, and smokes up to stay warm falls in love with a Bulgarian Olga who in their brief encounter gets pregnant but leaves the country and her baby with her father. After a few years, the girl wants to know who her mother is and, the good father that Shivaay is gets her to Bulgaria only to get trapped into a child trafficking racket.

With Bollywood, by now we are expected to live in assumptions and ignore logic, which we do most of the time. However, this one tests our patience way too much. Apart from the brilliant cinematography, the ups the film has is Ajay Devgn in his action scenes, he is a treat to watch. Erica Kaar and Abigail Eames are strictly okay and so are Sayyesha Seygal and Vir Das.

However, NGC, Discovery channel and Singham are enough options for us to watch the cinematography showing snow clad mountains and Ajay's action. What we wanted was depth to this story. Sadly, the father-daughter relationship isn't successful in bringing up genuine emotions that were expected from this collaboration of emotions and action.

Mithoon's music is good but it’s the painful film that is way too stretched for what it is trying to portray forces us to say that we didn't want so much music in the film. It is only deterrent to the flow.

The heroes of the film are only the action and the cinematography, as said earlier; otherwise it isn't worth your penny.      

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