You can conveniently skip this one.

Films made on communal riots have always had an impact on its audiences, at least it shakes up the mind and makes one ponder about the socio political issues that the nation is facing. And if the film is made well, nothing like it.

'Shorgul' is based on the 2013 communal riots at the city of Muzzaffarnagar located at Uttar Pradesh. How two political parties with their own propaganda divide the already divided communities forms the plot.

Unfortunately, it remains to be a just sensitive and strong subject that didn't get justice from its makers. Performances are earnest something that the narrative didn't quite deserve.

Son of local Hindu politician falls in love with a Muslim girl that leads to all the killings and an entire town is burnt down. The writers needed more of research and had to delve more in the subject to make the audience believe that this over the top love story led to all the outrage.

The film opens well and is intriguing to begin with but, before the opening credits get done, the interest begins to fade. The screenplay is the weakest link of this story. Jimmy Sheirgill, Ashutosh Rana and Narendra Jha as political leaders are in top form. Hiten Tejwaṇi is too loud and newbie Suha Gezen still seems to be in an bygone era. Sanjay Suri has a small cameo yet comes across as refreshing. Rest of the supporting cast is strictly okay.

Manoj Pradhan's cinematography is decent, but lacks novelty. The background score is way too loud. Probably a tool the makers used to distract the audience from the jald baked plot. Pundit's music too doesn't live up to the expectations.

You can conveniently skip this one and leave for a long drive this weekend.

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