Worth a watch, especially for hardcore Akshay Kumar fans.

Prabhu Dheva is one filmmaker who is well known for making typical masala entertainers like 'Rowdy Rathore', 'R...Rajkumar' and 'Action Jackson' and this time yet again he is back with a full-on masala entertainer in 'Singh Is Bliing'. His previous effort with Akshay Kumar, 'Rowdy Rathore' managed to strike a chord with the audience and became a sleeper hit but does 'Singh Is Bliing' too manage to do the same, let's analyze.

'Singh Is Bliing' tells the story of a simple, good for nothing chap known as Raftaar Singh (Akshay Kumar) and his goof ups in life. Raftaar just can't do anything right or completed. Fed up by his needless antics, his father gives him two options, one is to marry his friend's obese daughter and the second being going to Goa and helping his friend in his business. Raftaar, needless to say, chooses the second option and goes to Goa to help his father's friend in his business. Simultaneously we are taken to Romania which is the domain of Sara Rana (Amy Jackson) and her father (Kunal Kapoor) who is a rich and powerful don. Due to threat to her life from rival evil minded don Mark (Kay Kay Menon) Sara is forced to go to Goa to stay with her father's friend who co-incidentally happens to be Raftaar's boss. When Sara lands in Goa, Raftaar Singh is given the responsibility of guarding Sara at any cost. But the funny side of things is that Raftaar cannot understand English and Sara cannot understand Hindi. So in order to tackle this problem, a translator named Emily (Lara Dutta) is hired. However, Emily's intentional wrong translations lead to a comedy of errors. Meanwhile in due course of time, Sara notices the kind, good-hearted, loving and caring nature of Raftaar Singh and they both fall in love with each other. However, soon enough the don Mark catches hold of Sara and threatens her that he will kill her entire family if she does not marry him. Will Raftaar Singh be able to win back the love of his life, forms the reminder of the story.

Coming to terms with the acting part, Akshay Kumar as usual, is at his best in whatever he does on-screen. Be it action, comedy, romance, anything. He yet again proves that he is one of the most versatile actors we have in the industry who can pull off any character with elaan and finesse. Amy Jackson looks beautiful and though her acting wasn't that bad, we would still say that she needs to polish her acting skills a bit more. Lara Dutta who plays the translator, pulls off her character pretty well and is quite funny in several scenes and manages to tickle your funny bone with her antics. It's good to see her back on the silver screen after a long time. Arfi Lamba and Anil Mange who play Akshay Kumar's best buddies and sidekicks are equally hilarious in their act as both of them manage to carry their characters with just the right amount of humour. Kay Kay Menon who plays the evil don Mark is also quite funny and does justice to his role. Rest of the supporting cast which include Yograj Singh, Rati Agnihotri, Pradeep Rawat and Murli Sharma are okay.

Cinematography of the film is quite commendable as the beautiful and picturesque locations of both Romania and Punjab are captured superbly indeed, especially the one location in Punjab which is full of sunflowers, looks absolutely serene and pleasant to the eyes. Editing of the film is also fine as the film does not bore you neither does it tend to get stretchy at any point. Music of the film although is not very special. The only one track which manages to stand out of all the songs, is 'Tung Tung Baje' which is quite peppy and foot tapping.

All said and done, Prabhu Dheva has put all elements in one film, ie action, comedy, emotions, drama and romance and has managed to pull it off pretty nicely. But still despite the fact that 'Singh Is Bliing' has all the elements rolled in one film, we would say that the film might not be able to cater with each and every spectator. Watch it if you love full-on masala entertainers and especially if you are a hardcore Akshay Kumar fan.

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