Singham is not a Bollywood movie… It is Kollywood + Mollywood

"Eid ke baad Diwali, Ganesh Utsav ke baad Holi, Jab puri duniya tyohar manati hi tabhi hum police waale Kaam pe jaate hai... Phir bhi humari koi ijjat hi nahi hai; Logon ka jitna bada kitchen hota hai, utna quarters milta hai hume rehene ko; kyunki humari koi ijjat nahi hai," says the dejected police havaladar Ashok Saraf. So many movies have spoken about the plight of the common man, doctors, politicians, journalists, even smugglers and goons for that matter (how their situation made them 'majboor' i.e. forced them to turn to crime) but no one has spoken about the troubles faced by the police force. Where the entire world is going crazy blaming the police force for their incapability, 'Singham' comes as a relief for them.

Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgan), proud son of a proud village ("kyunki mein iss gaon ka hoon aur, ye gaon mera hai" says Singham) is not only honest but also courageous and does his duty right. His entire village loves him, so much that if any outsider (may it be the President or the Don from the underworld) attempts to insult him, the entire village will stand up for their beloved Singham. On the other side of his world, there is another honest police officer who is caught in the corruption racket. Overcome by grief and pain he decides to choose the path to heaven when even his own department doesn't believe him (and also the looks in his son's eyes make him take these steps). His widow Megha Kadam (Sonali Kulkarni) is geared-up to prove him innocent and blames the local builder Jaykant Shikre (local don who is a wannabe politician) for causing her husband's death. Now Shikre has a bloated ego and "do anything you want but don't hurt his ego" is his motto. Singham obviously and purposely nudges the bad boy at the wrong place only to wake-up the sleeping Shikari (hunter, to hunt Singham- the Lion). Meanwhile, impressed by the bravados of this Lion, Kavya (Kajal Agarwal) falls in love with this chap (and makes him fall in love with her).

So now we have a tragedy, drama, love-story, action story and a social angle to the entire plot… Voila! Here is the perfect recipe for a masala movie. Yes, 'Singham' is an all-in-all mass entertainer. Out-of-the-world stunts and idealistic people and situations are the soul of this entertainer. A completely clean police officer and an equally evil villain fight each other only for the good guy to triumph. The movie is not a Bollywood movie; in fact it is the mixture of Kollywood and Mollywood. Since the movie is a remake of the Tamil movie 'Singam', it retains the action sense from down-south. With the majority cast being Marathi and the characters in the movie are also Marathi, it is almost like watching some Ashok Saraf movie (with a difference). Even the music by Ajay-Atul is typical Marathi which will make you want to get up and do the Ganapati dance, basically it is superb.

Long gone are the days when the hero fought-off 20 goons at a time with just his bare fists. But Ajay Devgan brings it all back- he jumps in air, sends the goons flying miles away just with a punch, takes-out a lamp post and bashes it in on one of the goon's head and remains invincible throughout the movie. He is faced with strong opposition in the form of Prakash Raj. Both Ajay and Prakash Raj are brilliant. Ajay's new-formed gym-body and his 'Kadak' (strong) performance are excellent. Prakash Raj has yet again proved that he is the best villain the industry could get after Amrish Puri. His screen presence, his voice, his dialogue delivery will really make you go weak in your knees (due to admiration and fear mostly). Even his comic sense is superb. It is more like a Prakash Raj movie than anything else and he deserves a standing ovation for his performance (at least a Filmfare). Ashok Samarth, the side-kick of Prakash Raj, has also done a good job. Kajal Agarwal is pretty, has a very comfortable screen presence and has done a decent job. But, Ajay-Kajal chemistry doesn't quite click. Sachin Khedekar, Ashok Saraf, Govind Namdeo who are such brilliant actors, have been seriously underused. Sachin Khedekar in fact gets irritating after a point. Sonali Kulkarni has a minor role but she shines in it.

The movie is packed with action and there will be a lot of times when you will be rolling with laughter (at places where evoking laughter was not intended). Music, lyrics, choreography, dresses and sets are well selected. Had the screenplay been crisper, the movie would've been easily more tolerable.

Harry Potter left us spell bound and lost in the magical world. It gave us hope for a better world, a better place to live in. Closer home,' Nayak'-the Anil Kapoor starrer Hindi movie though didn't use any magic, managed to show us an ideal world with an ideal citizen aspiring to change the world. 'Singham' is also about how, if the police force unites, can change the world in a matter of minutes (actually 24 hours).

The movie is a tribute to the movies of 70s and 80s when such action movies were welcomed with open arms. Such a movie in this era is definitely a bold attempt by Rohit Shetty; especially after Salman Khan created an entirely different image for the word 'Police' with' Dabangg', 'Singham' still will work with the masses and dissecting it further and trying to make sense of it is sheer waste of time. 'Singham' is simply meant to be enjoyed, keeping aside your brains.

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