A complete no-brainer

The past few Diwali's had Ajay Devgn's name written on it in Bold letters, with 'Singham' and the 'Golmaal' series. But this time, the actor has disappointed his fans with Ashwani Dhir's 'Son of Sardaar'. Though the film has been instilled with the required humour, it fails to make sense in terms of the story.Jaswinder Singh Randhawa aka Jassi (Ajay Devgn) returns back to Punjab to sell his ancestral property, only to realise that he has some old family rivalry to deal with. Sandhu family led by Billu (Sanjay Dutt) wants to kill Jassi for revenge. Ashwani Dhir targets the Punjabi's, and he does manage to hit the right nail, however, he fails to handle the pace through-out. The film starts with scenes and dialogues that seem extremely made-up and clichéd. It falls on track a little later, only to subdue in the end. Ajay Devgn can sure tickle your funny bone, but his intense performances are something that we really look forward to and we think he should stick to those. Sonakshi Sinha is a treat to watch. Her dialogue delivery, expressions are perfect for a masala hindi flick.Sanjay Dutt plays a daring villain and is good. Vindhu Dara Singh and Mukul Dev did what they were supposed to. Juhi Chawla was a little too over the top. Tanujaji was okay. However, somehow all the actors seem like caricatures and there was no 'real' performance in the film. Arjan Bajwa, though, was the most sensible of them all. Salman Khan's cameo was welcomed.The music of the film is peppy enough and apt for a masala entertainer. Cinematography is interesting and the screenplay seems repetitive and dragged at places. Dialogues could have been better. The film is a complete no-brainer and forces you to stop using your brains. Watch it if you want to sit back, have a gala time and not think much. 

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