The Best thing about SPEEDY SINGHS is that the movie's speed is fast; it gets over quickly!

"You might not be my first, but you can be my next...what say baby!" If that is the kind of a pick up line a guy in the movie uses to ask out a girl, one really shouldn't expect much from the movie. SPEEDY SINGHS the latest crossover movie has many such unintentionally funny dialogues making it a really poor game to watch.


The story is nothing new as we have already seen stuff like that and that too in a much better manner through movies like Patiala House and Bend it Like Beckham. A young guy Rajveer Singh (Vinay Virmani) has always had a dream in his heart to pursue ice hockey as a career; and this self-centred guy even thinks he is the best player around... It is confidence to the extent that it starts to sound like over confidence. Obviously it is his affair with the game which has to have an obstruction, a bad guy, in the form of his dad, Darvesh Singh (Anupam Kher). Mr. Singh senior wants his son to join his uncle's family business and forces Rajveer to quit hockey. But Rajveer is a rebellious kid and still continues his passion along with working as a driver with his uncle. There is a big Hyundai Cup for Hockey coming up and Rajveer believes that his all-Sikh team will win it. Initially, he takes it upon himself to coach the team but soon finds a coach who is much better and senior at this game (and of course has the prettiest looking sister). Rajveer and Melissa (Camilla Belle) predictably fall in love. There is a tiff between the father-son and then between the coach and Rajveer and finally after all these misunderstandings we know how things are going to end- This underdog team will go on to become Heroes from Zeroes, the coach will be proud and the father will be proudly saying "He is my son...the team Captain, is my son!"


Meanwhile, there is another unnecessary Villain in the picture- Sonu (Russell Peters), the fiance of Reena (Noureen Dewulf), Rajveer's sister. Rajveer and Sonu somehow don't get along very well as Sonu is eyeing the Uncle's business and thinks that Rajveer might get it instead.


Entire movie is predictable from the word GO. The characters, the music, the story, everything is just so typical. Although Vinay Virmani looks alright, he cannot act at all. His "cool-dude" looks fail to impress. Anupam Kher is definitely under-used but how much ever he is in the movie, he has done a good job. Sakina Jaffrey, the lady who looks like a combination of Smita Patil and Jaya Bachchan, is pretty good and does justice to her role. The best probably is Noureen Dewulf; she has a very cheerful aura around her and a very pleasing screen presence. Even Rob Lowe as the coach has done a decent job. Camilla Belle looks pretty and breathes freshness into the movie.


Akshay Kumar's presence was absolutely meaningless and Russell Peters is a good stand up comedian, but his "funny act" doesn't work out too well in this movie. In fact, he is pretty disappointing as he has a very small role and the humour too feels forced. But Peters has been able to pull off the grey shade in his character very well. The Ice hockey game could've been made much more exciting as this one couldn't deliver the Chak De! India hockey-feel.


There is nothing outstanding, nothing breathtaking or exceptional in this movie; but at the same time it is not a trashy movie as well. Maybe if you have nothing better to do and hence decide to watch the movie with a group of friends who will readily comment at all the appropriate places with you, you might just end up enjoying the movie a little bit.

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