Teesri manzil is above all an entertainer. The film stars Shammi Kapoor, Asha Parikh, and the evergreen Helen. A woman is thrown off a roof and killed. Her sister Sunita (Asha Parikh) is heartbroken, knows of her association with a night club singer (Shammi Kapoor - called Anil Kumar Sona "Rocky") and thinks he is behind the killing. The only clue is a coat button that the dead woman was clutching in her hand. Shammi Kappor is at his goofiest best, the suave drummer Rocky who is a babe magnet. His courting Asha Parikh on a train is hilarious. She does not know he is Rocky and he does his best to preserve this state of misinformation. In the meantime strange waiters, men with cigars, other sinister looking people lurk about in the hotel where Rocky performs. There is also a women's hockey team led by a rather large Manorama that is stalking Rocky. Laxmi Chayya is the best friend - this is a film from the 60s, where having a best friend (or several of them) was a must! Rocky makes use of Prince Kunwer (Prem Nath) to preserve the secret of his identity so he can woo Sunita, much to the chagrin of her almost fiancée Prem Chopra. Rocky is being pursued by Ruby (Helen) and her machinations cause his identity to be revealed at a most inopportune moment. Who is the real murderer? Why is Rocky now a target? These secrets are hidden in a most ingenious way and revealed at the 11th hour. A Nasir Hussain production and story, this one was directed by Vijay Anand. The mystery was sustained well and the story engaging. Yes there were some flaws - too many characters were introduced too late in the film. Some of the cloak and dagger behavior was never explained. But the overall entertainment quotient was very high and the film enjoyable. A word about Shammi - he was handsome, goofy, vulnerable and great in the action sequences. Asha was cute and could dance well - even in the jiggling Aaja Aaja number! Helen was a beauty, but strangely enough her dance skills were underutilized. Prem Chopra was the perfect slimy guy and Prem Nath suave and sophisticated. A must see film for the fun, the suspense and the outstanding music (RD Burman) - O Haseena Zulfon wali, O mere Sona re Sona re, Deewana mujh sa nahin, Aaja Aaja main hoon pyar Tera, Tumne Mujhe Dekha ho kar meherbaan and Dekhiye Sahibon.
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