Story of the journey of a philanthropist in search of her "real" parents...

"Tell Me O Kkhuda why do you allow such movies to be made?"...this is what you will want to ask god after watching Tell Me O Kkhuda and several such movies.


Tania Kapoor (Eesha Deol) is a bestselling author, novelist, who lives with her loving parents and has an awesome boyfriend and an amazing Best friend. Her life is perfect…until the day she finds out that she is adopted. She sets-out to find her birth parents and the reason why they abandoned her just a day after she was born. When she finds out the name of her father you know somewhere deep down that this is too easy and voila…you are right! Her first stop is Rajasthan (you will soon find out why I am saying-first stop), then she goes to Turkey and then to Goa. And all this, not to find the same man but three different people- Vinod Khanna, Rishi Kapoor and Dharmendra. Who is her real dad? (Slightly reminds you of Mamma Mia? Don’t even compare…Mamma Mia was much more superior). You will have to watch the film to know that but one thing you should know is that there is a lot of effort, money and time wasted to find her birth parents.


The first half of the movie is wasted showing the story which is not really the actual story. The second half is also pretty slow (although slightly faster than the first one) and you are more tired than her in the search for her parents. Her parents, Farooq Sheikh and Deepti Naval, who brought her up and gave her so much love also, seem to be pretty cool about this search as if it is not her parents whom she is looking for, but her missing pet. Initially you actually feel like there will be a major break-through, a big twist but the story moves on in a non-dramatic fashion and takes its own sweet time to develop fully. Esha Deol’s character keeps getting emotionally involved with the dads she meets and every time she realizes that this guy is not actually her dad. She gets hurt. It is not her fault; her character itself is very weak. Arjan Bajwa has acted well. Only two people manage to bring some amount of humor and lightness to the movie- Johnny Lever and and Suresh Menon. Even though both have barely any scope, they prove their worth within those few moments itself. Hema Malini is in the movie only coz it is her movie.


The music of the movie is strictly alright but it could've been better. The scenes of Turkey and Rajashtan are not shown properly... The issue of female infanticide is dealt with in the movie but the approach towards the issue is very casual. Overall the movie is extremely average and you can easily afford to lose it.


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